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Messi Enjoys Dinner With Old Barcelona Teammates

Messi Enjoys Dinner With Old Barcelona Teammates JW7Today
Messi Enjoys Dinner With Old Barcelona Teammates

Football star Lionel Messi has flown to Barcelona to meet with his old teammates. Photos later revealed that the player had reunited with his former teammates, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, as they enjoyed a night out alongside their partners.

Why Did Messi Travel?

Messi traveled to the Catalan capital following PSG's 4-3 victory against Lille. Since the team was granted a rare midweek off ahead of the Le Classique against Marseille on Sunday night, Messi took advantage of it.

Antonella Rocuzzo (Messi's wife) recently posted a photo with Messi, former Barcelona teammates Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba, former fitness trainer Pepe Costa, and their partners.

The post read, "Nochecita con amigos (Night out with friends)," and presumably featured the group from Monday night. Sources say the photo was taken outside Michelin-star restaurant Estimar, which specializes in seafood.

The Latest on Messi

Messi recently shone in the match between PSG and Lille by securing the team's victory with a splendid free-kick at stoppage time.

Messi is expected to return for training on Wednesday in preparation for the league clash against second-place Marseille before the team faces Nantes the following weekend. Following these matches, Messi is out of contract at PSG this summer.

Because of the ending contract, there are several reports of a move back to Barca or MLS outfit Inter Miami, plus numerous Saudi Pro League clubs.

Before this, Messi looked set to agree on a new one-year deal after agreeing to terms with PSG, but he is now reportedly reconsidering his options.

So far, there are reports of Messi's father and agent Jorge meeting in Riyadh earlier this month to discuss a potential deal with Al-Hilal, who are reportedly willing to offer Messi £245m-a-year, making him the highest-paid player in the world.

Recently, reports have surfaced indicating that Messi's father and agent, Jorge, held discussions in Riyadh earlier this month regarding a potential agreement with Al-Hilal. According to sources, Al-Hilal is willing to provide Messi with a salary of £245m per year, making him the highest-paid player globally thus far.

Additional reports say that Al-Ittihad is willing to outdo this proposal by offering Messi a staggering £306m annually.

So far, there is no confirmation behind these reports, and Messi has not given any statements on the news and rumors.

Barcelona's Current Status

The Barcelona football club recently won against the Cádiz football club 2-0 in the La Liga games. The club's next match will be against Manchester United club on February 24 for the Europa League.

In La Liga, Barcelona is first in the standings with nineteen wins out of twenty-two matches and fifty-nine points. Barcelona's next match in the competition is against Almeria on February 27.

The 2023 La Liga is the 92nd season of La Liga, Spain's premier football competition, and will end on June 4.

Meanwhile, the Europa League is a yearly football club tournament organized by the Union of European Football Associations and exclusively available to eligible European football clubs.

Currently, the winners of the last-16 draw are being determined before the tournament proceeds on March 9.


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