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  • Nasima Akter

Manchester United Takeover is Delayed to Next Season

Manchester United Takeover is Delayed to Next Season JW7Today
Manchester United Takeover is Delayed to Next Season

Since the announcement of Manchester United facing allegations by the Premier League, the football club has made plenty of headlines for different reasons. Recently, several reports are popping up about investors interested in the club.

Updates on Glazer Family

The Glazer family's desire to sell Manchester United is causing a stir among fans and investors alike. The family, who have been the subject of criticism and protest from United supporters in recent years, are reportedly seeking a bid of £6 billion for the Premier League giants.

Initial bids from Qatari investors and Sir Jim Ratcliffe fell short of this figure, with both offers topping out at £4.5 billion. However, it seems that the Glazers are willing to wait until May to see if any bidders will meet their desired valuation.

According to reports, there is indecision among the six Glazer siblings, with each member having their intentions around the sale of the club. While the family is said to want to sell, a deal is agreed upon by the end of March now seems unlikely and will likely be pushed back until after the season finishes.

US merchant bankers Raine Group are set to reach out to those who sent in offers to either buy or invest in the club over the coming days. It is unlikely that the first offers will be accepted, with a period of negotiation set to follow. The Glazers are seeking around £6 billion, a valuation that some see as unrealistic.

Investment Offers

Aside from takeover bids, there are offers of investment that Avram and Joel Glazer could potentially use to pay off the other four members of the family and redevelop Old Trafford and the club’s training ground. However, how this would be received by supporters is uncertain, given their previous protests against the Glazer family.

On February 17th, Nine Two issued a statement announcing their bid, stating that "Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad al-Thani today confirmed his submission of a bid for 100% of Manchester United.

The bid plans to return the club to its former glories both on and off the pitch, and will prioritize placing the fans at the heart of Manchester United once more." Ineos followed the next day with their statement, confirming that "Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Ineos have submitted a bid for majority ownership of Manchester United."

Anti-Glazer sentiment has been commonplace at United matches this season, with fans protesting against the family's ownership during a Carabao Cup final. The presence of Avram Glazer only added fuel to the fire, as fans chanted "We want Glazers out" and carried anti-Glazer banners.

It remains to be seen whether any bidders will meet the Glazers' desired valuation or if the family will continue to own the club. But one thing is for certain: Manchester United fans will be keeping a close eye on developments and expressing their opinions loudly and proudly.

Manchester United's Current Status

Outside the discussions of the takeover, the Manchester United team is currently playing in three competitions. These are the FA Cup, the Premier League, and the Europa Cup.

Their next match is against West Ham on March 2 for the FA Cup. Following the match, they will play against Liverpool in the Premier League on March 6.


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