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Mahiya Mahi Returns to Filming After A Long Break

Mahiya Mahi Returns to Filming After A Long Break

Dhaliwood actress Mahiya Mahi, who became a mother for the first time on March 28 this year, is ready to make her comeback to the big screen. After taking almost a year-long break from movie sets, both before and after giving birth, Mahi is now prepared to continue her acting career.

Mahi confirmed her excitement for this upcoming project and expressed her eagerness to return to the work she is passionate about. She shared in a statement to the media, “The hiatus has been long, and I'm feeling a sense of restlessness. I'm eagerly preparing to step back into acting. Hopefully, I'll be in full form by October. My son Farish is growing up, and I'm looking forward to resuming my professional commitments.”

Mahiya Mahi hasn't appeared in any new movies for quite some time. Her last film was "Officer In Charge," directed by Badiul Alam Khokon. After this extended break, she is returning to acting in Mostafizur Rahman Manik's film, "Dark World." The production of the film "Dark World" is set to commence in October.

Director Mostafizur Rahman has officially confirmed Mahi's comeback to the screen and mentioned, "The film's details have been finalized with Mahi, and a preliminary agreement has been reached. We are planning to hold a formal contract signing ceremony on September 11 once the producer returns to the country. Shooting will commence on October 10 and extend for 25 consecutive days, encompassing various locations in Dhaka and Bandarban."

"Dark World" revolves around a compelling storyline in which a group engages in betrayal and blackmail against ordinary individuals by sharing explicit content on social media platforms. The core of the plot centers on their pursuit of justice and redemption, creating a gripping and intense narrative that explores the contemporary intricacies of online deception.

In this film, Mahi will take on the role of a police officer, adding depth to the character dynamics and the exploration of the film's themes.

The "Dhaka Attack" actress said, “I will return to shooting after ages. The situation feels a bit different this time, so I hope everything goes well. I am preparing myself in the meantime.”

“The story of the movie is great, it revolves around the elimination crusade of an organized criminal ring that shares pornographic footage on social media. I will be seen in the role of a police officer,” she added.

Alongside Mahi, the cast of "Dark World" includes prominent actors like Moushumi, Misha Sawdagar, as well as newcomer Munna Khan.

More About Mahiya Mahi

Mahiya Mahi holds the distinction of being one of the highest-paid actresses in Bangladesh due to her successful career and notable contributions to the film industry. Mahi embarked on her film career as an actress in 2012 with the movie "Bhalobasar Rong," which proved to be a commercial hit. Following this success, she went on to star in numerous other films, including "PoraMon" in 2013, "Agnee" in 2014, and "Desha: The Leader" in 2014. Her exceptional acting skills have earned her several accolades, including the Meril-Prothom Alo Awards for Best Actress in 2014.


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