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Liverpool Fans Shoot Fireworks and More for Their Team

Liverpool Fans Shoot Fireworks and More for Their Team JW7Today
Liverpool Fans Shoot Fireworks and More for Their Team

Liverpool fans recently made plenty of headlines for different things before and after the match between Real Madrid and Liverpool. Many of these reports talked about how the fans have shown their support.

Before the Champions League Match

Even before the start of the match between Real Madrid and Liverpool, Liverpool supporters were attempting to give their team an advantage. On the morning of the Champions League game, a tweet surfaced on Twitter, revealing that Liverpool fans had ignited fireworks outside Real Madrid's hotel at 2 a.m.

El Partidazo de COPE, a Spanish radio program, was the source of the tweet that revealed the firework shooting. The fireworks appeared to be lit right outside the entrance of the building and lasted more than 30 seconds.

This incident is not the first time Liverpool fans have done something involving fireworks. In 2019, they set off rockets and firecrackers outside Barcelona's hotel before the Champions League semi-finals.

So far, sources say there were no noise complaints from the fireworks show, and the Real Madrid team seemed unbothered by the firework show.

During the Real Madrid and Liverpool Match

Luka Modric and Karim Benzema showed superb performances for Real Madrid by helping the team out from being 2-0. In the game's 14-minute, the duo brought the team to a lead by three with 20 minutes remaining.

Benzema scored two second-half goals, while Modric scored the team's fifth goal with a stunning dart past Stefan Bajcetic.

The two ended up replaced by manager Carlo Ancelotti in the 87th minute. During the switch, the duo received plenty of praise for their performance.

Several home fans reportedly clapped for the two modern greats as they left the pitch for Toni Kroos and Marco Ascensio. It was a surprising but great show of sportsmanship from the Liverpool fans.

Real Madrid Victory

Real Madrid made history with their 5-2 victory against Liverpool at Tuesday’s Round of 16 first-leg clash at Anfield. Madrid became the first team to score five goals against the Reds in a single European match since Ajax in 1966.

They are also the first to hit five at Anfield in the Champions League.

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard even commended the team's star players, stating, “We’re witnessing absolute greatness in Modric and Benzema.

“You’re talking about players who are operating at a different level than most.”

The last time Liverpool lost against Real Madrid was in the 2018 and 2022 Champions League finals. The club has now lost six out of their last seven matches against Madrid, with this game being the latest addition to their losing streak.

What's Next for Real Madrid and Liverpool?

Following this match, Real Madrid and Liverpool will face each other again for the last leg of the Round of 16 for the Champions League. Their match will be on March 16.

Before this, Liverpool will be facing the Crystal Palace club on February 26 for the Premier League.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid will play a game against the Atlético de Madrid football club for La Liga on February 26.


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