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  • Nasima Akter

KKR's Suyash Sharma: Tears and a Shaved Head

KKR's Suyash Sharma: Tears and a Shaved Head JW7Today
KKR's Suyash Sharma: Tears and a Shaved Head

Suyash Sharma, the talented spinner for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), recently shared a poignant story about his journey to the IPL. In a display of vulnerability and determination, Suyash revealed that he once shaved his head out of dejection after being snubbed for the U-19 trials a year ago. This candid admission showcases the emotional rollercoaster that young players often experience in their pursuit of professional cricket.

Despite facing disappointment in the past, Suyash has emerged as the standout player for KKR this season. The IPL 2023 auction proved to be a turning point for him as he was selected by the franchise for his base price of Rs. 20 Lakhs. Since then, Suyash has had a remarkable campaign, captivating fans with his exceptional performances. In just eight matches, he has already claimed 10 wickets at an impressive average of 25.8, firmly establishing himself as a rising star in the league.

However, the path to success hasn't always been smooth for the 19-year-old spinner. Prior to his IPL breakthrough, Suyash faced the disappointment of being overlooked for the U-19 trials. Recounting the moment, Suyash shared his heart-wrenching experience in an interview with IPL, as quoted by News 18. He recalled how he performed well during the trials but was ultimately left out of the final selection. Overwhelmed by a sense of despair and frustration, Suyash returned home in tears and, consumed by his emotions, made the drastic decision to shave his head.

The young cricketer's candid account of his struggles provides a glimpse into the toll that setbacks can take on a player's mental and emotional well-being. Despite his excellent performance during the trials, Suyash found himself excluded from the U-19 team, leading to a deep sense of disbelief and disappointment. However, this setback served as a catalyst for Suyash to redouble his efforts and prove his worth. Determined to improve his skills and earn a place in the trials, he made a solemn vow to himself.

As time passed and Suyash's hair slowly started to grow back, so did his confidence and performance on the field. The young spinner's commitment to honing his abilities paid off, leading him to adopt a distinctive long-haired look that became synonymous with his success. Suyash's resilience and determination are evident in his journey from a rejected young player to a crucial asset for KKR.

Reflecting on his surprise selection in the IPL 2023 auction, Suyash expressed his excitement and disbelief. Despite being appreciated during the trials, he had no expectation of being chosen. Returning from a 25-day trial, Suyash was taken aback by the flood of phone calls he received the moment he stepped out of the rickshaw. It was then that he realized he had been picked for the prestigious tournament. Overwhelmed with joy, he described the emotional scene at the airport, where even his father was moved to tears. The elation of being chosen was beyond anything Suyash had ever imagined.

Suyash Sharma's story serves as a powerful reminder that success often emerges from the depths of adversity. His journey from rejection to being a vital player for KKR showcases the indomitable spirit and resilience that defines many athletes. As Suyash continues to shine on the IPL stage, his tale of determination and self-belief will undoubtedly inspire aspiring cricketers facing their own setbacks.


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