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  • Nasima Akter

Kim Kardashian’s Son Saint West Does Siuuu with Ronaldo

Kim Kardashian’s Son Saint West Does Siuuu with Ronaldo

Being the son of one of the most famous celebrities in the world sure has its own perks. Kim Kardashian has recently made her son Saint West's dream come true by taking him on a special trip to meet his favorite footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. Saint West, the son of Kim Kardashian and the popular American rapper Kanye West, has always admired Ronaldo and wanted to meet him in person.

The exciting event took place in Japan, where Kim and her son flew to witness Ronaldo's game against Paris Saint-Germain. The moment they met was captured in a heartwarming viral video that spread like wildfire on the internet. In the video, a beaming Saint West can be seen interacting with Ronaldo, and the footballer even taught him how to do his signature 'SIUU' celebration. The two shared a touching moment as Ronaldo hugged the young fan tightly while they looked at the camera. Despite the match ending in a goalless draw, Saint West had the best day of his life, thanks to the unforgettable meeting with his idol.

It seems that Saint West is not new to the world of sports and international travel. Before his exciting encounter with Ronaldo, he had already attended Lionel Messi's Major League Soccer debut in Miami with his famous mother.

Kim Kardashian was present at the stadium to support Messi during his debut match for Inter Miami against San Lorenzo. The following days, they traveled all the way to Japan to meet Ronaldo, showcasing the extent of their passion for football and admiration for these superstar athletes.

Saint West confidently donned the shirt of his newfound favorite team during the Miami match. His hair was stylishly braided with an "M-10" as a tribute to Messi's renowned jersey number. On Kardashian's Instagram Story, a video was shared, capturing the moment when Saint and his friend stood by the pitch, eagerly watching Lionel Messi's departure. Their excitement was palpable as they repeatedly called out, "Messi! Messi! Messi!" What's even more remarkable is that Saint got the incredible opportunity to spend time with the talented Messi. Later, he joined in the jubilant celebration of Inter Miami's thrilling victory against Cruz Azul, which culminated in a dramatic late freekick.

During the Miami match, Saint had the privilege of meeting yet another cool soccer legend, David Beckham, who also happens to be the co-owner of Inter Miami. Kardashian was quick to share the exciting moment on her Instagram Story, posting a photo of the exchange. In the picture, the 48-year-old Beckham can be seen smiling warmly as he shakes hands with Saint. "@intermiamiCF @davidbeckham best day ever!!" she joyfully captioned the photo, expressing the unforgettable experience they had.

In Japan, Saint West's football adventure continued as he also had the opportunity to meet another football star, Neymar Jr. The Brazilian forward gifted him a personalized PSG shirt, adding more cherished memories to the young fan's journey.

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo and his Al-Nassr teammates have been gearing up for the upcoming season in Saudi Arabia, where they are preparing to showcase their skills on the football pitch.

Shifting the spotlight back to Kim Kardashian, rumors have been circulating about her potential crush on France's football sensation, Kylian Mbappe. After her previous relationship with Pete Davidson, which ended in August 2022 after nine months of dating, fans are now curious about the possibility of a new romance in her life.


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