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Kangana Ranaut Calls Herself 'Batman of Showbiz'

Kangana Ranaut Calls Herself 'Batman of Showbiz'

Kangana Ranaut recently took to Instagram to address comments from her colleagues, including filmmaker Hansal Mehta and actor Zeeshan Ayyub, who have referred to her as 'badtameez' (mannerless) despite acknowledging her talent.

In response, Kangana humorously embraced these labels and referred to herself as the "greatest of all time," often abbreviated as GOAT. She drew a parallel between herself and Batman, the iconic vigilante superhero.

Kangana wrote on her Instagram story, "Everyone knows that I am exceedingly blunt and stubborn when it comes to my political views. I am also extremely talented, like the greatest of all time. This is known as being Batman, and I am him."

Kangana Ranaut also shared a video on her Instagram that featured excerpts from interviews with Hansal Mehta and Zeeshan Ayyub, where they discussed her. This indicates that she was addressing their comments directly, using the video clips as evidence in her response.

Hansal Mehta, who had a well-publicized disagreement with Kangana Ranaut during their collaboration on "Simran," acknowledged her exceptional acting skills in a statement to the media. He praised her as a fantastic actress and one of India's most renowned artists, highlighting her outstanding previous work. He also specifically commended Kangana's performance in "Simran" despite the film's commercial performance.

In a rare occurrence, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap also expressed his admiration for Kangana Ranaut. He described her as one of the finest actors in the industry, offering his praise for her remarkable talent. "She is quite sincere when it comes to work, but she has other issues. Nobody can deny her skill. Nobody can take away what she has in herself as an actor or as a genuine creative person, but it is difficult to deal with her," added the director.

Indeed, Kangana Ranaut has had her share of disagreements with fellow celebrities, but she has also received appreciation and support from many in the industry. In recent times, she has been seen more frequently at Bollywood events and gatherings.

Kangana Ranaut’s Work Front

Kangana Ranaut is set to take the lead in the horror film "Chandramukhi 2." This movie also features Raghava Lawrence in a prominent role and serves as a sequel to the 2005 film "Chandramukhi." The film has been written and directed by P Vasu and is scheduled to be released on September 28th. Fans of the horror genre can look forward to this eagerly anticipated sequel.

In addition to "Chandramukhi 2," Kangana Ranaut has some other exciting projects lined up. She will be starring in "Tejas," for which the teaser is set to release early next month. In this film, Kangana will portray the character of a fighter pilot, inspired by the real-life Air Force pilot Tejas Gill. It's a biographical drama that promises to be an intriguing story.

To cap off the year, Kangana will be seen in "Emergency," a biographical drama where she takes on the role of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. This film is scheduled to hit the big screens on November 24th, making it a much-anticipated release for Kangana and her fans.


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