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  • Shamser Khalid

John Terry Spotted Partying with Fans and Players

John Terry Spotted Partying with Fans and Players J7Sports
John Terry Spotted Partying with Fans and Players

The Liverpool(Reds) VS Chelsea(Blues) match at Anfield stadium ended in a draw. However, it did not stop the Chelsea fans from making the most of their trip to Merseyside. Among those that decided to the party was former English professional footballer, John Terry.

The ex-defender is a well-renowned Chelsea fan and supports the club after he retired from playing. Before he partied, Terry got spotted by fans in the stands and was soon mobbed by them as he watched his former side.

Fans sang: 'John Terry has won the double' as the 42-year-old struggled to resist joining in before he began jumping with the supporters in jubilation.

The former captain also shared plenty of photos and videos on social media of his time with the fans. These photos included when he struggled for space while surrounded by the supporters before the songs broke out. In an Instagram post that showed all the fun he had with the fans, Terry wrote:

'I loved being in the away end with our supporters today. As a player you arrive on the bus and head straight to the dressing room, you don't get to see or feel what the fans feel.

'When I retired I always wanted to be in the away end with our supporters and I absolutely loved it today.

'A huge thank you to our supporters who travel the world supporting our great club. I f****** love you all.

Including this game, Terry has made around 721 appearances for Chelsea. Terry retired as a player in October 2018, but he remains a popular figure at Stamford Bridge, where he has returned as a coaching consultant at the club’s youth academy.

When he was a player, Terry was a centre-back and captain of Chelsea, the England national team, and Aston Villa. He played over 600 times for club and country winning, 17 trophies, including five Premier League titles and a Champions League. He set a Chelsea record by acting as captain for the team on more than 500 occasions.

While the latest match ended in a draw, the Chelsea team was not upset. In one interview, team manager Graham Potter said, “We wanted to win but we take the point and move forward. I liked the energy of the team and what we tried to do. We were a back three in the first half and after they started well second half, we needed to adjust, bringing Mudryk on.”

He added, “I liked the spirit in our performance so it’s something for us to move forward with.” Despite the result, Chelsea remains in tenth position, ten points away from fourth-placed Manchester United. They currently have eight wins, seven losses, five draws, and twenty-nine points.

Following this match, Chelsea is playing against Fulham on February 4 for the Premier League. The last time the two went against each other was for the 7th match of the league. Fulham had won 2-1. While Chelsea is 10th in the standings, Fulham is 7th with nine wins, seven losses, four draws, and thirty-one points.


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