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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Celebrate Anniversary

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Celebrate Anniversary

Jennifer Lopez marked her first anniversary with husband Ben Affleck in a poetic and heartwarming manner. The star of "The Boy Next Door," who tied the knot a year ago at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, commemorated the occasion by sharing images from their wedding along with a touching poem. The photos capture the couple beaming with joy, with Ben Affleck holding Jennifer Lopez in a tender embrace, followed by a snapshot of them sharing a romantic kiss.

"One year ago today…Dear Ben, Sitting here alone. Looking at my ring ring. Feeling overwhelmed. It makes me wanna sing sing. How did we end up here? Without a rewind. Oh my. This is my life, Jennifer," read JLo's caption.

This past Saturday, Jennifer Lopez took to her Instagram profile to share a collection of photos. The post presented a compilation from August, featuring herself and her friends. Notably absent from the post was JLo's husband, Ben Affleck. However, she compensated for his absence by adorning a necklace with his name. The caption accompanying the post was, "This Is...August (so far)." The comment section overflowed with praises like "She's an icon" and "Love the Ben necklace." One commenter noted, "Lookin gorgeous in August, Mrs. Affleck," while another added, "You are a star in any room you stand in."

In honor of her husband Ben Affleck's birthday earlier this week, Jennifer Lopez posted a heartfelt video for him, accompanied by a simple caption: "Dear Ben ... Happy Birthday. I love you."

For those unfamiliar with the details, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's love story initially began in 2002 and was rekindled in 2021. In 2004, they went their separate ways due to intense media scrutiny. However, their relationship found new life in 2021, resulting in their marriage in July of the following year.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tied the knot last year, rekindling their relationship after initially getting engaged in 2002. Prior to their reunion, JLo was previously married to and divorced from Marc Anthony, while Ben Affleck was married to and divorced from Jennifer Garner. JLo was in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez, and Ben Affleck was romantically involved with actress Ana de Armas.

"I feel incredibly fortunate, joyful, and proud to be by his side," Lopez had expressed in a previous interview, while Affleck had shared, "We're fortunate to have been given another opportunity at this beautiful love story."

In terms of their work front, Ben Affleck's recent directorial effort was the sports drama "Air," which made its debut on Prime Video. As for Jennifer Lopez, she was most recently featured in the 2023 film "The Mother."

In a November conversation with Apple Music 1, Lopez revealed her intentions to launch her forthcoming album titled "This Is Me...Now." This album is set to follow up on her 2002 release "This Is Me...Then" and will center around her rekindled romance with Affleck, encapsulating their love story.


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