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  • Shamser Khalid

Jamie Lee Curtis backs SAG-AFTRA strike amid criticism.

Jamie Lee Curtis backs SAG-AFTRA strike amid criticism.

In the wake of a recent wave of social media criticism, Jamie Lee Curtis is now announcing her stance on the SAG-AFTRA strike. Initially, she faced backlash for her assertion of being "more Switzerland" in the ongoing debate between the actors' union and the studios and streamers.

Curtis' response surfaced several days after her initial comments surfaced, originating from an interview conducted during Project Angel Food's event that marked the commencement of The Chuck Lorre Family Foundation Campus in Los Angeles. These comments quickly provoked accusations of her taking a "neutral" standpoint in the escalating clash between SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Curtis sought to clarify her perspective, beginning by providing context for her prior comments.

Addressing the subsequent frenzy fueled by the news cycle, she declared her unwavering support for the SAG-AFTRA strike. She highlighted her active participation through volunteering for sign-making sessions and monetary contributions to the relief fund. Curtis underscored her alignment with the union's leadership and embraced their demands while firmly emphasizing her rank-and-file member role without involvement in any negotiating committee.

“I believe we have to look at all sides in any conflict in order to find resolution, solution, and a fair and equitable settlement; I’m more Switzerland. I’m not a polarized person here. I don’t like the rhetoric on both s

The initial comments that prompted this backlash transpired in the context of an inquiry about the strike. At the time, Curtis expressed a hopeful aspiration for unity and understanding among all stakeholders.

Curtis' introspection extends to her fellow Hollywood counterparts who've found themselves compelled to clarify their own statement. Zachary Levi, renowned for his role in "Shazam!", saw his words about the union's promotional restrictions propagate widely. He previously referred to these restrictions as "so dumb," a sentiment he later explained was taken out of context. Similarly, Stephen Amell, famed for his lead role in "Arrow," initially expressed non-support for the actors' strike, arousing controversy regarding its effects on work promotion. Subsequently, he recalibrated his stance to underscore his backing of SAG-AFTRA.

Curtis' poignant call for understanding and collaborative resolution stands as a testament to the intricate dynamics woven within the fabric of the entertainment industry.


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