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  • Nasima Akter

Is Angelina Jolie’s Finger Tattoo About Brad Pitt?

Is Angelina Jolie’s Finger Tattoo About Brad Pitt?

Angelina Jolie surprised fans by getting a new tattoo on her middle fingers, but she's keeping it a secret. People are guessing what the hidden message might be. The tattoo was done by Mr. K, a renowned tattoo artist at Bang Bang, a popular NYC tattoo shop for celebrities.

Mr. K shared a photo on Instagram, revealing Jolie's hands with the tattoo blurred out. He tagged the "Maleficent" star and wrote, “Still can’t believe that I actually grabbed her hand and tattooed her,” before asking his followers to “Guess what she got on her palm?”

Fans went into speculation mode after the post, trying to guess the hidden message of the tattoo. Playfully, some suggested it might read "F**k. Brad.", alluding to her ex-husband Brad Pitt, with whom she had a long relationship and a two-year marriage before their 2016 divorce. The two have been in a legal dispute concerning their children and shared winery.

Others speculated that the tattoo could relate to her children, her spirituality, or even serve as a "warning label for prospective suitors".

Excited fans also expressed their admiration for Jolie's beauty, some joking they'd never wash their hands again if they touched hers.

Mr. K, known for tattooing celebrities like Matt Damon, Michael J. Fox, and Doja Cat, sparked speculation that the tattoo could be about her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Yet, he addressed these assumptions in the comments, firmly stating that the tattoo had "NOTHING" to do with the "Fight Club" actor.

This isn't Jolie's first tattoo; the 48-year-old actress has several tattoos with personal significance. Notably, she has a large back tattoo honoring her six children and her philanthropic work, along with other tattoos paying tribute to her past relationships.

While Angelina Jolie has a plethora of tattoos with deep significance, such as a shared quote with Pitt from poet Rumi and coordinating Buddhist symbols, none have paid homage to her affection for sharp objects until this latest addition.

In 2003, Jolie talked to ABC News about her fascination with weaponry and her personal collection. “They are not shiny, brand-new sharp knives from the store. They’re antique beautiful knives from other countries, and they are locked in a case so my son does not touch them,” she said.

Jolie also discussed her history of self-harm and use of knives. She revealed, "I had knives around... early on in my first sexual relationship, I got knives out and had a night where we attacked each other." She explained that it felt primitive and honest, not painful due to the cold sensation.

As of now, Jolie hasn't explained the significance of the dagger tattoo on her Instagram. Mr. K assured fans that he would soon provide a detailed view of the design. Maybe the true meaning behind this sharp symbol will also be unveiled in time.

Regarding the actor, the ex-husband in question, he has a number of tattoos, including an "A" on his forearm representing their children's initials, Angelina Jolie's birthdate in Khmer script on his lower abdomen, and even some drawings inspired by his ex-wife's creativity.


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