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  • Nasima Akter

Introduction to Kabaddi and the Pro Kabaddi Season 9

Originating from India, Kabaddi is a contact team sport played between two teams of seven players. The main goal for the players is to grab points by raiding into the opponent's court and touching as many opponent players as possible without getting caught on a single breath.

There are two halves in the game and it generally lasts 40 minutes with a 5 minutes break. While Kabaddi is not a worldwide sport it’s an exciting game for plenty of fans. It is especially exciting for fans with the ninth season of the Pro Kabaddi League going on.

The Pro Kabaddi League or PKL is a men's professional Kabaddi league where several teams compete for the top spot. This year marks the ninth season of the league and there are 12 teams going head to head.

The PKL started on October 7 and has 66 matches confirmed for the first phase and the three main venues for the games are Hyderabad, Pune, and Bengaluru. Currently, the Puneri Paltan is number one in the standings and the next match for today has them going against the U Mamba.


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