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  • Shamser Khalid

Heat’s Jimmy Butler Excited to Have Messi in Miami

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Lionel Messi's recent announcement that he will be joining Inter Miami in Major League Soccer has sent shockwaves of excitement throughout Miami, particularly among the fans of the Miami Heat, who are currently engrossed in the NBA Finals. This revelation from the Argentine superstar, who will be playing for the club partly owned by the legendary English football icon David Beckham, has caught the attention of Miami Heat playmaker Jimmy Butler, who eagerly anticipates witnessing Messi's skills firsthand.

Butler, in expressing his enthusiasm, hailed Messi as one of the greatest players to have graced the sport of football. He exclaimed, "I'm so excited for the city of Miami to be able to have a player of that caliber here." Butler firmly believes that Messi's arrival will attract football fans from all over the world to Miami, offering them a unique opportunity to witness the Argentine's exceptional talent in action. He concluded, "I'm glad he's here."

Although Butler has had the chance to meet Messi previously, he admits that they aren't acquainted on a personal level. When asked if he would reach out to the football maestro, Butler responded humbly, "Probably not. I know he has a lot going on. He is coming over here to do something special for this city. I'm happy that he is here, though. I know we will link whenever he is here."

Kyle Lowry, another prominent player for the Miami Heat, revealed his own admiration for Messi by proudly declaring that he wore a Messi jersey during the previous year's World Cup, in which Messi played a pivotal role in Argentina's journey to the title. Lowry jokingly commented on Messi's substantial earnings, exclaiming, "Man, he's getting a lot of money," before expressing his genuine excitement about Messi's arrival and the positive impact it will have on Major League Soccer. Lowry believes that Messi's presence will attract a new fan base, generate increased revenue, and contribute to an electrifying atmosphere once the stadium construction is complete. He concluded, "I think it's great for soccer in America, especially down here in Miami."

Gabe Vincent, another teammate of Butler and Lowry, praised Messi's decision to join Inter Miami, even though he had turned down a more lucrative offer from a Saudi Arabian club. Vincent viewed it as a wise choice, emphasizing that the deal appeared to be a "no-brainer decision" for Messi. He recognized the potential benefits for both the player and the club in this exciting new chapter.

In contrast, Max Strus, a Heat swingman, admitted that he is not an avid follower of soccer and is relatively unfamiliar with the sport. Nonetheless, Strus acknowledged Messi's global renown and expressed his excitement at the prospect of having him in their city. He eagerly declared, "Pretty cool to have him in our city. Can't wait to meet him, if he comes to a game."

The arrival of Lionel Messi at Inter Miami has undoubtedly created a buzz within the Miami Heat basketball team and the city itself. Fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness Messi's exceptional skills and contribute to the growth of soccer in the United States. With the support of his new teammates and the passionate Miami sports community, Messi's journey in Major League Soccer promises to be an exciting chapter in his illustrious career.


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