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Harry Kane Receives Trophy for New Goal Record

Harry Kane Receives Trophy for New Goal Record JWin7Today
Harry Kane Receives Trophy for New Goal Record

Earlier this month, Harry Kane became Tottenham Hotspur's all-time top scorer with 267 goals. Having broken the record long held by 1960s star forward Jimmy Greaves, the English captain was honored for his achievement ahead of Sunday's London derby against West Ham.

How was Harry Kane Honored?

Kane was greeted on the pitch by Greaves' widow Irene and daughter Mitzi Robinson at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. They and Spurs legend Ledley King presented Kane with a trophy before kick-off.

The trophy is a Nike boot, which sits atop a pillar that lists all of Kane’s goals with the dates and opponents included.

After Kane received the trophy, he walked out to the pitch for the London derby with his two daughters, Ivy and Vivienne. Both girls wore shirts with the name 'Daddy' on the back and the number 267 to mark his record feat.

Additionally, fans of Spurs paid homage by displaying a group emblem at one end of the stadium that spelled out the name 'HARRY.'

What Happened During the Match

During the match, Kane was unable to score. However, he provided the assist that allowed Son Heung-min to clinch the win with his goal in the second half.

This match marks the third game in that Kane did not score a goal since making his record in the Premier League clash against Manchester City. However, the team's victory did see Tottenham return to the top four for the first time in 2023.

In a post-match interview, Kane emphasized the need for the Spurs to remain focused amid a tumultuous few weeks.

"We find ourselves in a pretty good spot in fourth," Kane told reporters. "We are still in the FA Cup and the Champions League. We got a lot to play for, and we need to stay focused on that, we have a week to the Chelsea game, so hopefully, we will be ready."

Apart from his post-match statements, the captain of the English team disclosed that he had personally taken charge of motivating the team during their recent slump in form. He also expressed gratitude towards Son for his crucial contribution, praising his timely assistance as a substitute.

How Harry Kane Achieved His 267th Goal

Harry Kane made his 267th goal in the 15th minute of Tottenham's 1-0 win over Manchester City in the Premier League.

Kane struck the ball into the net from within the penalty area, past Ederson, after teammate Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg had won the ball high up the pitch.

With this goal, Kane has cleared club legend Jimmy Greaves's record. Greaves, who passed away in September 2021, left behind a remarkable legacy at Spurs, having scored 266 goals in 379 matches.

In addition to it being Kane's 267th goal for the club, it was his 200th goal in his Premier League career.

Kane's most recent goal has made him the third player in EPL history to achieve 200 goals or more. The other two players who achieved over 200 plus goals were Alan Shearer (260) and Wayne Rooney (208).


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