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Hardik Hits 25M Insta Followers and Makes Record

Hardik Hits 25M Insta Followers and Makes Record JW7Today
Hardik Hits 25M Insta Followers and Makes Record

Hardik Pandya is a cricketer known for his hard-hitting, fast bowling and all-round performances on the field. But the 29-year-old is equally impressive off the field, as he has now become the youngest cricketer in the world to reach 25 million followers on Instagram.

Hardik's social media numbers not only reiterate his popularity but also showcase the love and support that fans across the world have for him.

It's interesting to note that Hardik has more Instagram followers than some of the biggest global stars like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Max Verstappen, and Erling Haaland, which is a testament to the widespread fan engagement he commands across geographies.

Hardik's Popularity Outside Cricket

Hardik is a proven cricketer internationally and in the IPL, a young leader, family man, and stylish, team man, committed to the craft and brings in a sense of calmness and individuality, which is a delight for the brand world.

From a brand's perspective, it opens up a plethora of segments for Hardik owing to his enhanced visibility and success story, which makes him relatable yet aspirational for brands.

His portfolio consists of over 20 brands across sectors, including Sports Equipment, Audio, Denims and shirts, Batteries and lubricants, Energy drinks, Biscuits, Casual apparel, Shoes, Beverages, Perfume, and media & broadcast.

He continues to be one of the most sought-after celebrities in the endorsement landscape, being the face of some marquee brands.

Hardik's consistent engagement and followership across social media have enabled fans to know him on and off the field.

This achievement has strengthened his emotional connection with fans, making him not just a cricketer but also a household entity.

Expressing his gratitude for his fans, Hardik said, "Thank you to all my fans for the love. Each one of my fans is special to me, and I would like to thank them for the love and support they have given me over all these years."

Hardik's Cricket Status

Despite not featuring in Tests since 2018, Hardik has been an important player for India in limited-overs cricket, especially after his recovery from a career-threatening back injury.

Earlier this year, Hardik even captained India in its home T20I series wins over Sri Lanka and New Zealand. And now, he is set to act as Rohit Sharma's deputy in the upcoming ODI series against Australia, where he will also captain India in the Mumbai ODI.

After the conclusion of the series, Hardik will turn his attention towards the IPL, where he will captain the Gujarat Titans in their title defence in the 2023 season.

IPL 2023 starts on March 31 and the opening match will see Hardik's team take on the four-time winners Chennai Super Kings at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

In conclusion, Hardik Pandya's journey in cricket and social media has been incredible. He has emerged as one of the most exciting talents in Indian sports and his popularity continues to soar with each passing day. Fans across the world eagerly await his next move, both on and off the field.


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