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  • Shamser Khalid

Former India Women's Captain on Harmanpreet Situation

Former India Women's Captain on Harmanpreet Situation

The India women's tour of Bangladesh lacked excitement until a controversial incident involving the visiting captain, Harmanpreet Kaur, sparked heated reactions. Throughout the series, the Indian team's performance was disappointing, managing to win the T20I series 2-1 and drawing the ODIs 1-1 against their eastern neighbors. The final game in Mirpur ended in a tie, but it was what happened afterward that drew the attention of cricket legends.

Harmanpreet's behavior became the focal point of discussions. When given out LBW, she expressed her frustration by hitting the stumps with her bat and engaging in a heated argument with the on-field umpire before heading back to the dressing room. At the presentation ceremony, she labeled the umpiring as 'pathetic' and even made mocking gestures toward her Bangladeshi counterpart, Nigar Sultana, while holding the shared trophy.

As a consequence of her actions, Harmanpreet faced penalties, with reports stating that she was fined 75% of her match fees and received three demerit points. Anjum Chopra, the former captain of the Indian women's team, has commented on the Harmanpreet situation as believes that Harmanpreet will come to regret her behavior once her emotions subside.

In an exclusive interview, Anjum Chopra expressed her thoughts, stating, “When the aggression goes away and she becomes calm I’m sure she would look back and agree that she needed to be more careful in showing her disagreement. There’s no harm in voicing your displeasure, but it’s how and when you do it. She should have been more selective with her choice of words too.”

A significant aspect of this tour was the absence of specific broadcasters, with the games being aired on the official YouTube channel of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). Consequently, there was no Decision Review System (DRS) or Snickometer available, leaving the umpire's decision as final.

Anjum Chopra also raised the point that if certain decisions didn't favor India, they should have found a better way to communicate their concerns.

“There was no snickometer or ball-tracking, so it’s a bit difficult to judge. But if they (the Indian team) felt a few decisions did not go their way, could things have been handled better? Why did it come down to the Indian captain going to the post-match presentation and voicing her displeasure?” Chopra said.

“It could have been communicated in a better way. How did the situation scale up to this? The Indian team not playing up to the mark can be a cause of their disappointment but that could have been kept within the dressing room. Going out in public like this (was not proper),” she added.

Kaur didn't only limit her reactions to the field. During the post-match presentation, she criticized the umpiring in the match, saying it was below standards. Additionally, during the joint-photo session with the Bangladesh team after the match, the right-handed batter sarcastically commented about the umpires.

Upon hearing Kaur's comments, Bangladesh skipper Nigar Sultana decided to leave the photo session along with her team. She expressed her unhappiness with Kaur's behavior. Reports indicate that the Indian skipper will also be fined 75 percent of her match fees as a consequence of her actions.


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