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  • Shamser Khalid

Fans Spotted Standing on a Car to Watch Arsenal Match

Fans Spotted Standing on a Car to Watch Arsenal Match JW7Today
Fans Spotted Standing on a Car to Watch Arsenal Match

Fans will do many things to watch their favourite team. One group of fans brought delight to many at a sold-out Kassam Stadium on Monday. During the Oxford VS Arsenal match, a group of Oxford United fans was seen standing on the top of a car to watch the game from outside the ground.

They did this by using the west end of the ground. The west side is known for having a car park instead of a stand. The fans took advantage of this, and they stood on top of a car to watch the game from outside the ground.

When the fans were spotted, they got giggles from the commentary team and a pair of passing officials. Other fans also enjoyed their show of support and shared plenty of positive feedback on social media. Some fans made posts about the moment on Twitter, saying how it was 'the magic of the FA Cup' and 'why we love the third round.'

While the Oxford fans were not identified, there were plenty of positive reports on the fan.

Before the fans were spotted in the parking area, there were already discussions being made for a new stadium following the Kassam Stadium being sold out.

Initially, tickets were available for season ticket holders and members. Then they went to fans who attended either of the first or second-round fixtures. The final tickets were snapped up within an hour of going on general sale.

In addition to being sold out, the game had TV coverage and was shown across the globe.

The decision on entering formal negotiations regarding leasing council-owned land at The Triangle for the development of a new stadium will be made on January 24.

In one interview, Paul Peros, chair of the independent supporter group OxVox, said, “This game is about the fans and shows how special the FA Cup is."

He also stated, “The Premier League leaders coming here is a really big occasion and follows some other really exciting games which have been played here in the past couple of years.”

During the match, the first 45 minutes showed both sides trying their best but the score remained 0-0. In the second half of the game, the Arsenals (nicknamed The Gunners) turned up the heat and beat Oxford 3-0.

Oxford boss Karl Robinson was not displeased with the results, however. In one interview, he said, “My players did the football club proud, we fought in all areas of the game, and we didn’t look that far apart against a top-level team.”

Arsenal’s Manager Mikel Arteta on the other hand gave a humble statement on the team’s success and how they do their best with each match.

Following this match, the Arsenal team will be facing title rivals Manchester City in the fourth round of the Cup.

This will be a tricky time for the team as Manchester United is the only one to beat them this season.

Oxford United, on the other hand, will be going against the Fleetwood team on January 14, Saturday. Currently, Oxford has seven wins, eight draws, and nine losses.


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