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Fans Speculate on Supposed Premier League Player Rapper

Fans Speculate on Supposed Premier League Player Rapper JW7Today
Fans Speculate on Supposed Premier League Player Rapper

A mystery Premier League footballer has taken the internet by storm after releasing a rap song on YouTube under the stage name 'Dide'. The footballer, whose identity remains unknown, can be seen wearing a mask as he performs the song titled 'Thrill', with fans speculating that he may be an Arsenal player.

Dide's song has been receiving praise for its insightful lyrics, which delve into issues such as identity and inequality. The video is set in London and hints that the star is from the capital.

Since its release over the weekend, the video has garnered over 200K and rising views on YouTube, with fans raving about the song's emotional depth and powerful lyrics. One fan even claimed that the footballer-turned-rapper is exploring identity, inequality, and modern society in astonishing detail.

However, despite the speculation on the video and rapper, the identity of Dide remains a mystery for now.

Fan Speculation

Still, that doesn't stop fans from speculating. The lyrics "my team stay winning" and "every game is like a final" have led some fans to speculate that Dide could be an Arsenal player. There's even a theory that Dide is an anagram of "Eddi", which could mean that Eddie Nketiah is behind the mask. Nketiah has played a key role in Arsenal's season, scoring nine goals in 33 appearances

Other theories ranged from team-mate Bukaya Sako to Crystal Palace's Wilfried Zaha, Chelsea's Noni Madueke, and even Arsenal's Reiss Nelson.

On the note of Arsenal and the guess of DIDE being Nketiah, the player and team are currently four points clear of Manchester City, but with a game in hand, the title race is still open. Arsenal will face the defending champions on April 26 in what could be a decisive match.

When DIDE First Appeared

The rapper first appeared on Instagram earlier this year, wearing a distinctive mask. In one of his early Instagram posts, he wrote, "Rapper at Home, Footballer on the Pitch!!! Premier League footballer jumps into the UK music industry. Keeping his identity unknown by wearing a uniquely designed mask covered in roses. He goes by the name of Dide."

This is not the first time that a professional footballer has dabbled in music. In recent years, players such as Daniel Sturridge, Jese Rodriguez, and Memphis Depay have all tried their hand at it, among others. Depay, who releases songs under his name, has more than 750,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, with his most recent release 'Asem Beba' garnering over a million views.

It remains to be seen who the mystery Premier League footballer behind the mask is, but the release of 'Thrill' has certainly generated a lot of buzz on social media.

In a recent Instagram post, Dide pointed at his mask and asked, "Who is Dide?!" Fans may have to wait a little longer to find out, but one thing is for sure: Dide is making waves in both the football and music worlds, and we can't wait to see what he does next.


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