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Fans Remember Salman Shah in His 27th Death Anniversary

Fans Remember Salman Shah in His 27th Death Anniv

September 6, 2023 marks the 27th year since Salman Shah, also known as the Prince of Dhallywood, passed away. On this day in 1996, he left behind his countless fans, friends, and family, leaving them in sorrow.

Exactly 27 years ago, Salman Shah passed away under mysterious circumstances at his residence in Eskaton, Dhaka. The enigma surrounding this event remains unresolved. Despite investigations conducted in stages and reports being submitted, neither the actor's family nor his fans have found satisfaction in the outcomes. This is because these reports consistently attribute Salman Shah's death to suicide, a conclusion his mother, Nila Chowdhury, steadfastly refuses to accept.

However, there continues to be uncertainty regarding whether Salman Shah's passing was a suicide or a murder. Nevertheless, even after all these years since his demise, his popularity has not waned in the slightest.

In the midst of the ongoing legal battle, this year, we've seen several portrayals of Salman Shah in the media. Notably, AI-generated images of him gained widespread attention, leading to debates among online users. Furthermore, a web series, said to be inspired by his life, was launched this year. Additionally, his initial film with Shabnur was re-released in theaters on February 10. While his fans welcomed the tribute, his family strongly objected to the use of his images on religious grounds. As a result, the user had to remove the post.

More About Salman Shah

Salman Shah, whose real name is Shahriar Chowdhury Emon, was born on September 19, 1971, in Dariyapara, Zakiganj, Sylhet. His parents were Kamaruddin Chowdhuri and Nila Chowdhury, and he had a younger brother. In his early years, Salman displayed his musical talent as a singer. He began his acting journey as 'Emon' on BTV as a child artist. In 1986, he completed his education by passing Palligiti from Chhayanaut.

Salman Shah's entry into the world of cinema was like a fairy tale. At the age of 22, this heartthrob captured the nation's heart with his debut film "Keyamot Theke Keyamot," and he quickly followed it up with 26 more successful movies. With this movie, actress Moushumi also made her debut in the film industry. The pairing of Salman and Moushumi quickly gained immense popularity.

Later on, the Salman-Moushumi pair gained tremendous popularity with movies like 'Ontore Ontore' and 'Denmohor.' Subsequently, Salman Shah partnered with Shabnur, and this pairing also achieved immense fame, appearing together in approximately a dozen films.

Some of the noteworthy movies starring Salman Shah include 'Tumi Amar,' 'Shopner Prithibi,' 'Bichar Hobe,' 'Shopner Thikana,' 'Sujan Sakhi,' 'Shopner Nayok,' 'Chaowa Theke Paowa,' 'Anondo Osru,' 'Buker Vitor Agun,' and more.

Later, Shabnur and Salman Shah collaborated in a string of blockbuster movies, such as "Shopner Thikana" and "Anondo Osru." In his relatively brief career, the late actor appeared in 27 films, making a significant impact in a span of fewer than four years.


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