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Fans Fall onto Pitch in Manchester United Game

Fans Fall onto Pitch in Manchester United Game JW7Today
Fans Fall onto Pitch in Manchester United Game

Manchester United won against Nottingham Forest 3-0, but celebrations took an unexpected turn in the stands. When fans were celebrating, a group suddenly fell onto the pitch after the hoardings collapsed.

The incident occurred during the match between the Red Devils and Nottingham Forest on Wednesday night at the City Ground. The problem at the visiting end arose when the United players came to celebrate Fernandes’ goal in the 89th minute. A butler could be seen falling backwards as the billboard began to give way.

When a group of fans were celebrating the Red Devil’s victory and leaned towards the advertising hoardings, that’s when things went wrong. Without warning, the board fell forward, with several supporters tumbling onto the pitch. Reportedly, no one was hurt and the United players quickly moved away from the fans to allow stewards and police to step in and help people to their feet.

The fans were back in place, and the advertising board got replaced in minutes. Police and stewards then remained in a line in front of the away fans to prevent the incident from recurring.

Gary Neville, who was on commentary for Sky Sports, sounded concerned as cameras focused on the trouble in the away end. He commented, "It was an unpleasant watch that for a moment or two, but it looks like everybody's okay over in that corner. They're putting the advertising board back," and added, “There's a hoarding that's just collapsed there at the bottom, they need to be careful.”

In addition to Neville’s commentary on the incident, there were plenty of comments from viewers on social media. One person posted, "Bloody hell are they taking the p*** with those advertising hoardings? Could have been nasty that." Another person wrote, "That advertising board collapsing could’ve gone a lot worse than it did."

During the match, Marcus Rashford scored the lead for Manchester United after scoring the opener in the first six minutes.

The Forest team thought they had equalized through Sam Surridge, who fired home for his side, but a VAR check revealed the forward had fractionally strayed into an offside position. Wout Weghorst, who recently joined the team, doubled United's lead just before half-time to net his first goal for the Red Devils. Fernandes then secured the win on the night in 89 minutes.

The two teams will be facing each other for the final leg of the semi-finals on February 2. If United can confirm their place in the Carabao Cup final, they will face either Newcastle or Southampton. At this time, the date for the Carabao Cup is not confirmed.

The last time the Red Devils reached the Carabao Cup (English Football League Cup) finals was in the 2016–17 EFL Cup. The finals took place on 26 February 2017, and United went against Southampton at Wembley Stadium in London, England. United won the finals 3-2.

Before their final match against Nottingham Forest, the Red Devils will go against the Reading Football Club on January 29, Sunday, for the 4th Round of the Football Association Challenge Cup.


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