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  • Shamser Khalid

Fans Celebrate Argentina's Win at Diego Maradona's House

Argentina fans everywhere were ecstatic when their team qualified for the World Cup final. In Buenos Aires, there was a video that showed supporters celebrating Lionel Messi's goal against Croatia at Diego Maradona's old house.

The house was bought by a local businessman and made into a venue for the World Cup. According to Jack Nicas, a journalist who was at the venue for Tuesday's game, there was a "full-on party" as Argentina's dream of a third world title remained alive.

With this year’s World Cup being Messi’s last, many believe he's destined to lift the famous trophy and cap off his remarkable career. Especially since he is set to become the second Argentina skipper after Diego Maradona to captain the country at two World Cup finals.

Many fans have compared Messi’s displays to Maradona’s back in 1986, though there are critics that say that he can’t be considered one of the greats until he emulates Maradona's achievement 36 years ago.


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