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  • Shamser Khalid

Fan Gets Caught Trying to Sneak Alcohol Inside Qatar World Cup Stadium

Recently, a video has gone viral showing Mexican fans trying to sneak booze into the Qatar World Cup stadium in a flask disguised as binoculars. The fan who had the ‘binoculars’ was dressed in a green football shirt and wearing a curly green wig. When he was going through security scanners in the stadium, an official stopped him.

Apparently, one of the officials had told another that there was something suspicious about the 'binoculars'. The official stopped the fan and investigated the item. The moment the official unscrewed the lens, he found the binoculars were a type of flask containing a liquid. According to the original Twitter post of the incident, the hidden flask had contained alcohol and ended up being confiscated.

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The binoculars are one of many types of hidden flasks you can easily purchase online. However, it is not the only item that can hide alcohol.

This creative trick was a result of an unexpected beer ban for fans. 48-hours before Sunday’s kick-off, the FIFA World Cup chiefs stunned fans by banning beer sales around stadiums in Qatar. According to FIFA, beer would not be sold to fans around any of the eight World Cup stadiums following discussions with the hosts.

While alcohol is largely prohibited in the Islamic nation, the short-notice decision sparked an upset among fans. As a result of the announcement, some fans have decided, as shown in the video, to be creative. The video has since gained over two million views and has plenty of hilarious comments.


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