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  • Shamser Khalid

English FA is Forced to Delete a TikTok Video and Apologise

A TikTok video by the FA has sparked outrage among fans. As a way to promote the FA Cup, a video was posted poking fun at player who suffered a sickening head injury.

The footage showed Stockport's Macauley Southam-Hales smashing head-first into a hoarding during their win over Charlton, set to music from a Nestle Crunch advert.

When the TikTok video was shared on Twitter, it triggered several comments from fans reprimanding the FA and overall giving a negative response. The video was done in a way that the player’s head crash was timed with the word 'crunch' in the jingle before an exaggerated bang. - sponsored ad

The video has since been deleted and the FA apologised for the post. An FA spokesperson had also said, “It should never have been published. The post was created by an external agency and we will review our processes to ensure this never happens again.”

While the FA gave their apology, it was reported that they have not fired the agency. In addition, the apology came a month after Bath's Alex Fletcher had brain surgery after also colliding with a hoarding.


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