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  • Nasima Akter

Emiliano Martinez Receives a Hero's Welcome in Kolkata

Emiliano Martinez Receives a Hero's Welcome in Kolkata

After completing an 11-hour visit to Dhaka on Monday, July 3rd, Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper who led Argentina to victory in the World Cup 2022, expressed his desire to revisit Bangladesh soon. Martinez arrived in Dhaka early in the morning and, despite the brevity of his stay, departed for Kolkata in the afternoon.

Martinez's visit to Bangladesh was made possible through the sponsorship of FundedNext, a digital business group. Although his time in Dhaka was short, he was unable to fully experience Bangladesh's love for Argentina. However, he did have the opportunity to meet Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, former Bangladesh cricket team captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, and a few lucky fans at the FundedNext office. Martinez's trip to Bangladesh was organized at the invitation of Kolkata sports promoter Satadru Dutta, with FundedNext sponsoring the visit to the Indian subcontinent.

Upon his arrival at the airport, Martinez proceeded to a luxurious hotel in the capital city to rest before engaging in activities related to FundedNext. There, he enjoyed the company of Mashrafe Bin Mortaza and Zunaid Ahmed Palak, the ICT State Minister.

Despite the limited exposure, Martinez was deeply touched by the warmth and affection he encountered in Dhaka. In an Instagram post, he expressed his gratitude and anticipation of returning to this beautiful country in the near future. Martinez acknowledged the Prime Minister's Office, the police, the airport authority, and countless others whose contributions were significant in fostering the special bond he now shares with Bangladesh.

Reflecting on his visit, Martinez conveyed his heartfelt appreciation for the people of Bangladesh and their unparalleled hospitality. He bid farewell, leaving a piece of his heart behind until his next visit. He expressed his enduring fascination with Bangladesh and affectionately referred to himself as the "Hawk of Bangladesh," a nickname he learned during a conversation with Syed Abdullah Galib, the chief strategic officer of FundedNext.

A video shared by Syed Abdullah Galib on Facebook captured Martinez expressing his gratitude to Bangladesh and its people for their support. Martinez, clearly appreciative of the nickname bestowed upon him, affectionately embraced the title of the "Hawk of Bangladesh" and conveyed his heartfelt thanks to the nation.

Before departing Dhaka for Kolkata, Martinez had a scheduled meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, an engagement that added to the significance of his visit.

In summary, Emiliano Martinez's short visit to Dhaka, Bangladesh, left a lasting impact on him, prompting him to express his desire to return soon. His gratitude, acknowledgement of the warm hospitality, and the development of a special bond exemplify the powerful connections that can be forged through sports. Martinez's visit serves as a testament to the ability of sports to transcend borders and create meaningful exchanges between nations.


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