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Dulan ARX: Crafting Music, Living Dreams

Dulan ARX: Crafting Music, Living Dreams

For over a decade, Dulan ARX has been a prominent figure in the music scene of Bangladesh. His journey commenced with the hit song "Drama Queen", which catapulted him into the limelight. In a recent conversation, Dulan shared insights into his musical ventures, experiences, and aspirations.

"Drama Queen" was a natural progression for Dulan, following his earlier composition, "Rapmalsara", which revolved around a girl's journey in love. Seeking balance, he sought to tell the story of a boy enamored by a girl, thus birthing "Drama Queen". Dulan's creative process involves painting a vivid mental picture of his desired outcome, guiding his songwriting. The idea to feature actress Ureni Noshika in the music video arose during the song's composition. A call to Ureni's sister with this proposal was met with enthusiasm, ultimately leading to Ureni's involvement. What was initially Dulan's solo project evolved into a collaborative effort, thanks to Ureni's inclusion.

The captivating melody of "Drama Queen" is the brainchild of Dilu Beats, while the masterful touch of Mix Mastering and Melody was executed by Sanjula Himala. The music video, an extravagant production set on a yacht, was shot in Trincomalee. A dedicated team of around forty individuals worked tirelessly over two days to bring Dulan's vision to life. Directed by Nick Leos, with Praveen as the Production Manager, and Oshan Liyanage choreographing, the video was a labor of love that garnered significant attention on YouTube.

Reflecting on the arduous process behind creating a music video, Dulan acknowledged the challenges but emphasized the immense satisfaction derived from the final product. He recounted a particularly intense scene involving two girls on a boat, which added an element of danger to the shoot. However, thanks to the presence of lifeguards, the situation was swiftly handled. Despite such incidents, Dulan cherished the experience, considering it a valuable chapter in his artistic journey.

Dulan emphasized the critical role of dedication in an artist's longevity. He asserted that those who are not committed to honing their craft are bound to fade into obscurity. To this end, Dulan consistently releases new music, performs at various shows, and maintains a dynamic online presence. He expressed gratitude to his supporters, acknowledging their contributions to his success.

When queried about the decision to shoot in Trincomalee, Dulan explained that the choice was primarily driven by the availability of a yacht, generously provided by Sail Lanka. The experience, far from being just work, turned into a memorable adventure, infusing an extra layer of joy into the project.

Dulan's musical endeavors extend beyond "Drama Queen". He recounted his involvement in the popular song "Manike", a collaboration with Sathishan. The song, which began as a simple melody sent by Chamath Sangeet, gained immense popularity, thanks to Dulan's lyrical prowess.

Dulan's journey is characterized by an unwavering passion for music and an unyielding commitment to his craft. His unique stage name, Dulan ARX, is an ode to his military background and a tribute to the Italian rifle ARX. Dulan's story is a testament to the power of artistic dedication and the heights one can achieve when fueled by a genuine love for their craft. In his view, art should never be approached with the sole intent of monetary gain, as true artists find fulfillment in the act of creation itself.


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