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  • Shamser Khalid

Don 3 Announcement with New 'Don' Ranveer Singh Disappoints Fans

Don 3 Announcement with New 'Don' Ranveer Singh Disappoints Fans

On August 8th, filmmaker-actor Farhan Akhtar chose to unveil a highly-anticipated announcement on his social media platforms. The revelation confirmed the forthcoming third installment in the immensely popular film series, 'Don'.

What shocked the entertainment world was the news that Shah Rukh Khan, who had the lead role in the franchise's first two films, would be stepping aside to make way for a younger actor in this latest saga chapter.

The revelation set off a chain reaction of mixed reactions on social media, with a wave of audience criticism directed at Farhan Akhtar for pursuing the film's production without the beloved presence of Shah Rukh Khan. Rumors swirled, and amidst the speculation emerged reports indicating that Ranveer Singh, a luminary of the Bollywood realm, was the likely successor to Shah Rukh Khan's 'Don' legacy, poised to inherit the mantle in 'Don 3'.

The unfolding drama took a definitive turn as Ranveer Singh, a shining star in the Bollywood constellation, was officially declared as the torchbearer of the 'Don' legacy, all set to be the face of Farhan Akhtar's creation in 'Don 3'. This proclamation arrived just a day after the grand announcement of the movie's inception.

In an impactful intro to his new role, Ranveer was heard declaring with resolute intensity:

/quote “Sher jo so raha hai woh jaagega kab poochte hai yeh sab. Unse kehdo fir jaag utha hoon main aur phir saamne jald aaneko ko tayar hoon. Kya hai taakat meri, kya hai himmat meri fir dikhaane ko, maut se khelna zindagi hai, mera jeetna hi mera kaam hai, tum toh ho jaante jo mera naam hai. 11 mulko ki police dhoondti hai mujhe par pakad paaya hai mujhko kaun? Main hun Don.”

The stage is now set for Ranveer Singh to transform himself into the captivating persona of Don. Farhan Akhtar took to the digital realm once more on that fateful Tuesday, using his social media presence to divulge the production's timeline, which was set to commence in 2025.

The foundation of the enigmatic Don character was initially laid by Farhan's father, the illustrious Javed Akhtar, in collaboration with his erstwhile creative partner, Salim Khan, father to the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

As the dust settled on this cinematic revelation, it became apparent that the transition from Shah Rukh Khan's iconic portrayal to Ranveer Singh's anticipated interpretation of 'Don' represented a passing of the torch and a significant juncture in Bollywood's storytelling landscape. This unfolding narrative, filled with anticipation, sentiment, and critique, underscored the deep connection audiences forge with their favorite characters and the profound influence these characters have on the cultural tapestry of the film industry.


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