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  • Nasima Akter

Different Losses Cost Eight Notable Teams Qualification For The 2022 World Cup

Plenty can be said about the teams confirmed for the World Cup. However, there is also plenty to say about the teams that lost their shot. Among the different teams that missed their mark, European champions and four-time World Cup winners Italy are the biggest shock. However, they are not the only big names that will not be taking part in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Out of the different teams that cannot take part in the World Cup, there are eight notable teams.

With the glowing record that Italy held, you may wonder what happened. The team’s chance at the World Cup ended in March with a 92nd-minute loss to North Macedonia in their playoff semifinal.

Another notable team that will not be part of the World Cup is a fan favorite, Columbia. The team unfortunately, finished sixth in the CONMEBOL qualifiers. They were a point behind Peru who took a playoff spot following the automatic qualification of the top four teams. Aside from this, Columbia is not the only one down on their luck with wins.

Sweden unfortunately, lost three of their six matches in the second leg of qualifiers last year and were soundly beaten 2-0 in their playoffs against Poland. Another team that was down on their luck in the playoffs was Nigeria. Nigeria had drawn both their playoff legs against Ghana and lost on away goals.

For Egypt. Their star player Salah missed his penalty along with two other teammates in their playoff against Senegal. Another team who missed their shot is Algeria. Algeria was literally seconds away from winning before Karl Toko Ekambi, from Cameron scored in the final seconds to deny them.

Out of the different teams that have missed their chance at the World Cup, Chile presented themselves as sore losers. Following their three losses in the qualification matches, the team sought to have Ecuador disqualified. Their argument was that Ecuador’s Byron Castillo was Colombian and ineligible to represent Ecuador. FIFA countered that the player held permanent Ecuadorian nationality and was eligible to represent the country in accordance with the rules.

While several teams suffered different losses and could not make the World Cup, Russia is the only team to be politically forced into expulsion. Outside of this, fans can only express


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