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Dhoni Surprises Bhogle with Honest Admission as CSK Reaches IPL Final

Dhoni Surprises Bhogle with Honest Admission as CSK Reaches IPL Final JW7Today
Dhoni Surprises Bhogle with Honest Admission as CSK Reaches IPL Final

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, renowned for his calm and calculated approach on the cricket field, recently revealed an intriguing aspect of his captaincy style. Following CSK's victory over the Gujarat Titans in the Qualifier 1 of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Dhoni admitted during the post-match presentation ceremony that he can be an annoying captain to work with. His statement shed light on the meticulousness and attention to detail he brings to his role.

Dhoni's revelation came in response to a question posed by Harsha Bhogle, a respected commentator, regarding two game-changing catches that tilted the match in CSK's favor. The first catch, a spectacular effort by Ruturaj Gaikwad at deep mid-wicket, saw him sprinting in and diving to snatch a low chance from Vijay Shankar. The dismissal of Shankar was followed by another crucial catch, as Rashid Khan of the Gujarat Titans was caught by Devon Conway at deep cover in the 19th over. These catches ultimately paved the way for CSK's 10th appearance in the IPL final.

Bhogle, curious about Dhoni's influence on the field, asked the legendary captain about the extent of control he exerted, considering his evident excitement after those catches. Dhoni's response caught Bhogle off guard, as the CSK skipper confessed to being a captain who could be quite annoying to work with on the field. Dhoni explained that his constant adjustments to the field placements require his players to constantly monitor him for specific instructions.

In Dhoni's own words, "I didn't want it to go that way, but you just hope it goes that way. You keep adjusting the field. I can be an annoying captain as I shift the fielder here and there every time. So the fielder needs to keep an eye on me. Imagine every two-three balls I am telling you to move 2 or 3 feet to the left or right. I believe in my gut feeling and what is really happening, so it pays off."

The captain's revelation offered a glimpse into his methodical nature and highlighted the significance he places on field placements and strategic maneuvering. Dhoni's ability to rely on his instincts and make swift decisions based on the ongoing game situations has been one of his trademark attributes throughout his career.

Reflecting on the achievement of reaching 10 IPL finals, Dhoni acknowledged the increasing level of difficulty in the tournament due to the addition of two more teams. He emphasized that the path to the final has become even tougher than before. With the inclusion of more teams, the competition has intensified, making it a greater challenge to secure a place in the final. Dhoni attributed CSK's success to the hard work put in over the span of two months.

"Earlier it used to be eight teams with the best players in the world, and now it's 10 teams, so it will be even tougher. It's hard work of 2 months that's why we are standing here," Dhoni stated, acknowledging the immense effort required to reach the pinnacle of the Indian Premier League.

Dhoni went on to commend his players for their exceptional performances throughout the tournament, emphasizing that everyone had contributed to the team's success. Despite limited opportunities for the middle-order batsmen, Dhoni expressed his satisfaction with the collective effort displayed by the entire squad. Each player had embraced their roles and made significant contributions whenever called upon, which had undoubtedly played a pivotal role in CSK's progress.

"A lot of character [is] shown by the individuals from where we started to where we are. I feel everybody has contributed. The middle order has not got ample opportunity, but in between, everybody has got a chance to chip in, and they have done that, so very happy with where we are," Dhoni expressed his delight in the team's achievements.

Dhoni's revelation about being an annoying captain sheds light on the intricacies of his leadership style. His attention to detail, strategic adjustments, and reliance on gut feelings have been instrumental in guiding CSK to the final stage of the IPL once again. As the team prepares for the ultimate showdown, the 10th IPL final, Dhoni's presence as a captain who demands constant attention and meticulous execution is sure to play a significant role in CSK's pursuit of yet another championship.

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