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  • Nasima Akter

Dahani Joins Zimbabwean Kids in Song

Dahani Joins Zimbabwean Kids in Song JW7Today
Dahani Joins Zimbabwean Kids in Song

Pakistan fast bowler Shahnawaz Dahani recently concluded his month-long tour to Zimbabwe as part of the Pakistan Shaheen squad. The tour consisted of a six-match ODI series, which Zimbabwe emerged victorious in with a 4-2 scoreline. Throughout his time in the southern African nation, Dahani made the most of his visit, enjoying various activities and leaving his fans with glimpses of his experiences.

One of the highlights of Dahani's trip was his interaction with the local culture and people. He shared several moments on his social media platforms, including portraits taken at the beach and posing against the backdrop of Harare's modest skyline. However, it was his encounter with a group of local children that caught the attention of many. In an amusing video, Dahani could be seen singing along with the kids in the Shona language, which is spoken by a native ethnic group in the region. The cricketer's joyful participation showcased his love for the country and its people.

Known for his friendly and warm nature, Dahani also shared some delightful photographs with the children he met. In one of his social media posts, he emphasized the importance of staying positive and spreading happiness, stating, "Put a smile on your face and be happy. Everything is gonna be alright." This positive outlook reflects Dahani's attitude both on and off the field, endearing him to his fans.

While enjoying his time in Zimbabwe, Dahani also displayed his skills in the matches against the Zimbabwe Select team. However, in the last match against Zimbabwe's A team, he struggled and conceded 105 runs in 10 overs. Despite this setback, his overall performance during the tour was commendable.

The Pakistan Shaheens, led by Imran Butt, embarked on their tour of the African country after an intensive training camp. The team had an 11-day training session in Karachi, followed by a two-day camp in Lahore. Led by former Test cricketer Aizaz Cheema, the coaching staff oversaw extensive training sessions, ensuring the players were well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

Cheema expressed his pride in the young players of the Pakistan Shaheens team, highlighting their skills and potential displayed during the tour. Notably, players such as Mehran Mumtaz, Omair Bin Yousuf, Mohammad Huraira, and Haseebullah delivered exceptional performances, contributing significantly to the team's victories. Cheema commended their talent and dedication to the game, acknowledging their efforts in elevating the team's success.

Shahnawaz Dahani's tour to Zimbabwe was a mix of memorable experiences, on-field challenges, and cultural interactions. His enthusiastic engagement with the local community showcased his love for the country and its people. The Pakistan Shaheens' tour, under the guidance of Aizaz Cheema and Imran Butt, provided valuable exposure and development opportunities for the young players, who demonstrated their abilities and contributed to the team's success.


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