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  • Nasima Akter

Cute Moment Caught Between Ronaldo and Teammate's Son

Cute Moment Caught Between Ronaldo and Teammate's Son JW7Today
Cute Moment Caught Between Ronaldo and Teammate's Son

Star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has yet to debut in Saudi Arabia, but it seems he is having a fun time with his new teammates and their families. Recently, a video has gone viral featuring the player. In the video, Ronaldo is shown laughing heartily after Anderson Talisca's young child performed his trademark pose in the dressing room.

The trademark pose refers to Ronaldo’s signature “Siiuuu” celebration. The celebration involves Ronaldo running, jumping then twirling mid-air twirl and landing on his feet with his arms extended. It is then followed by a ‘siuu’ cry.

In the past few years, the celebration has reached legendary status and has been imitated by millions of people across the world. Anderson Talisca’s son is the latest person to imitate the celebration.

The video (which was captured by Anderson Talisca's wife) showed the kid performing the celebration perfectly before the dressing room broke into laughter.

Talisca posted the clip on his Instagram story and captioned it: “Thank you, legend. You are an inspiration.”

Before this cute performance, sources say that even a cricket player imitated the football star’s celebration. In a cricket match held on Saturday, Robiul Haque was caught imitating Cristiano Ronaldo's iconic 'Siuuu' celebration after picking up wickets.

Rabiul Haque is a Bangladeshi cricketer that plays for Rangpur Riders. Currently, they are playing in the 2023 BPL (Bangladesh Premier League).

When interviewed about this, the player said, "Many are interested to know about the celebration. He (Cristiano Ronaldo) is an iconic figure whom I follow and is very inspirational to me. Actually, every player follows someone and I also do that. His hard work, ethics, and strong mentality are something I admire."

Ronaldo recently arrived in Saudi Arabia after he signed a whopping EUR 200 million per year contract with Al-Nassr club. Before he arrived in Saudi Arabian fans were already showing their support for the player.

Earlier this month, a video went viral showing Al-Nassr supporters chanting Ronaldo and his iconic ‘Siuuu’ during an Al-Nassr VS Al-Khaleej clash. Portuguese flags were also visible in the crowd at the Prince Mohamed bin Fahd Stadium.

In 2022, Ronaldo changed his celebration to ‘peace of mind’. This celebration involves the former Real Madrid and Man United star clasping his hands in front of his chest, closing his eyes, and looking skywards.

This new celebration was first seen when he scored a goal in a match against the Toffees at Goodison Park on October 9, 2022. While no one has impersonated it yet, he did perform the celebration again when he scored in United's 3-0 Europa League win over Sheriff. In one interview, Manchester United said that the celebration is an ode to Ronaldo’s love for napping.

Before the viral performance by his teammate’s son, reports said that the former Manchester United would make his debut in a friendly match on Thursday in Riyadh. Sources say that Ronaldo was named the captain of the Riyadh ST XI, who will host PSG for this fixture. So far, over 2 billion online ticket requests have already been made for this match.


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