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  • Nasima Akter

CSK's Tushar Deshpande Gets Engaged To Nabha Gaddamwar

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The city of Chennai is not just abuzz with cricket fever but also with wedding bells ringing for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) players. Adding to the growing list of players tying the knot, Tushar Deshpande, the talented pacer from CSK, recently got engaged to his fiancé, Nabha Gaddamwar. The couple celebrated their engagement in a private ceremony on June 12, marking yet another joyous occasion for the CSK squad. Interestingly, this is the second engagement in the team following their remarkable victory, securing their fifth Indian Premier League (IPL) title. Ruturaj Gaikwad, another prominent player in the CSK lineup, was the first to embark on the journey of wedded bliss when he tied the knot with fellow cricketer Utkarsha Pawar.

The news of Tushar Deshpande's engagement was shared by his teammate and CSK star, Shivam Dube, on Instagram. Dube uploaded a picture of the happy couple and extended his heartfelt congratulations to them on their special day. The photograph captured Tushar and Nabha looking radiant in their traditional attire. Nabha chose an elegant peach and golden saree, while the CSK player complemented her beauty by donning a peach floral sherwani. Meanwhile, Shivam Dube and his wife Anjum opted for trendy and casual outfits, exuding a sense of simplicity and coolness.

In a display of their affection and excitement, Tushar also took to Instagram to share a beautiful picture with his fiancé, Nabha. Accompanying the photo was a caption that perfectly encapsulated his emotions: "She got promoted from my school crush to MY FIANCÉ!" This heartfelt message highlighted the journey of their relationship, from their initial infatuation to the joyous commitment they have now embraced.

Reflecting on Tushar Deshpande's performance in the IPL 2023 season, it was undoubtedly his most successful campaign to date. Throughout the tournament, the CSK pacer showcased his skills by claiming an impressive tally of 21 wickets in 16 games. Although he had a shaky start with conceding runs, Tushar quickly regained his form and proved his worth as a valuable asset to the team. His ability to take wickets during the power play and in the death overs made him an essential specialist in the CSK lineup, a position previously held by Pathirana.

Tushar's exceptional contributions played a pivotal role in guiding CSK to their tenth IPL final. However, in the championship match, the talented pacer faced a tough challenge from the opposition's batsmen, who launched a relentless assault. Despite his best efforts, Tushar conceded 56 runs in his four overs, concluding the IPL 2023 on a somewhat disappointing note. Nevertheless, his individual performance did not overshadow the collective success of the CSK team, as their batters delivered a stellar performance in Ahmedabad, securing yet another championship victory.

As Tushar Deshpande enters this new chapter of his life, it is clear that he has found both personal and professional fulfillment. With his engagement to Nabha Gaddamwar, he has solidified his commitment and shared his happiness with the world. As the wedding season sweeps through the CSK camp, the team continues to celebrate not only their on-field triumphs but also the joys of love and companionship. It is a testament to the strong bond and camaraderie shared by the CSK players, as they support and rejoice in each other's personal milestones. Undoubtedly, this spirit of togetherness will continue to strengthen their unity and inspire them to achieve even greater heights in the seasons to come.


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