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Cristiano Ronaldo Shows New Goal Celebration

Cristiano Ronaldo Shows New Goal Celebration JW7Today
Cristiano Ronaldo Shows New Goal Celebration

Cristiano Ronaldo's goal celebrations have always been a hot topic for fans and critics alike. The Portuguese superstar added a new one to his repertoire during Portugal's 6-0 victory over Luxembourg on Sunday. The celebration featured his now-iconic "Siu" followed by the "nap pose" that he has become known for since his time at Manchester United.

Ronaldo's first goal of the match saw him combine the two celebrations, much to the delight of his fans. The celebration is reportedly a tongue-in-cheek reference to his habit of taking naps on the team bus while traveling to and from matches.

Since leaving Manchester United in November, Ronaldo has been playing for Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr, and reportedly retired the "nap pose" celebration in favor of his trademark "Siu". However, he surprised everyone by bringing it back for his international team.

Ronaldo's Goal Celebration Impact

The 5-time Ballon d’Or winner has previously combined goal celebrations, as his time at Juventus saw him pair the ‘SIUU’ jump and spin with Paulo Dybala’s mask gesture when he was playing alongside the World Cup-winning Argentine.

Ronaldo's 'SIUU' pose has become a global sensation and is often mimicked by various fans, packing stadiums with the sound of their unison roars.

Match Highlights and Results

The 38-year-old football legend's first-half brace brings his international goal tally for Portugal to a whopping 122 goals in 198 games, having recently set the international appearance record against Liechtenstein.

João Félix and Bernardo Silva also got in on the action, scoring headers to give Portugal a comfortable 4-0 lead at halftime against Luxembourg. Otávio and Rafael Leão completed the rout with another header and a well-placed finish, respectively.

With two convincing wins in their first two qualifying games for Euro 2024, Portugal has now scored ten goals without conceding. In other matches in their group, Iceland also scored a massive 7-0 win against Liechtenstein, while Slovakia overcame Bosnia and Herzegovina with a 2-0 victory.

Other Incidents in the Match

Aside from the match highlights and Ronaldo's new pose, the legendary Portuguese striker was booked for diving during his side's comfortable 6-0 win over Luxembourg. Despite Portugal holding a four-goal lead at the time, Ronaldo attempted to deceive the referee by throwing himself to the ground after running into defender Maxime Chanot.

The incident left many fans bemused, especially considering Ronaldo's illustrious career and his reputation for being one of the most talented footballers of all time.

After the Match

In a recent pre-match press conference, Ronaldo opened up about his departure from Manchester United, saying that he had no regrets and that sometimes, you have to go through tough times to see who is on your side.

With his new celebration, Ronaldo continues to show that he is a master not just on the field, but also when it comes to entertaining his fans.

As the Euro 2024 tournament approaches, all eyes will be on Ronaldo and his teammates as they look to reclaim the crown they won back in 2016. With the veteran striker in such fine form, there is every chance that Portugal could once again emerge victorious, providing fans with plenty of thrills and excitement along the way.


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