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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Saudi Home Gets an Inside Look

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Saudi Home Gets an Inside Look
Christiano Ronaldo's Saudi Home

Cristiano Ronaldo is staying in Saudi Arabia in style. After arriving in Saudi Arabia earlier this week, it is reported that Ronaldo has settled in the lavish Kingdom Tower.

At the end of 2022, Ronaldo signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with Al-Nassr after walking away from European football when United terminated his stay in November. When his contract was confirmed with the Saudi Arabian club, the player pocketed more than 200 million euros ($213m).

While Ronaldo has not played a match for the club, it is reported that he is staying at the 99-story Kingdom Tower, offering the best views of Riyadh. He lives in the 'Kingdom Suite' with his partner Georgina Rodriguez and their five children.

According to the hotel, "Our newest two-story suite spans the 48th and 50th floors of the hotel, with a soaring living room, a private office, a dining room, and a media room."

There are also tennis courts, a spa, massage treatments, a sauna, and a steam room on the property.

While the suite is not listed on the site, the smaller "Presidential Suite" is available for £3,300 per

night. Reportedly, Ronaldo will only be living in the suite for one month while he searches for a permanent residence.

Sources say that Ronaldo could rack up a bill worth £250,000 by the time he moves his family into a permanent home in the Middle East.

In addition to details about his hotel suite, there are other reports on the hotel. It’s said that the staff was instructed to refrain from asking Ronaldo for selfies while he is living at the impressive property.

However, Ronaldo is said to have warmly accepted other guests' and staff's requests while entering or leaving.

Aside from a luxury room, the player is enjoying luxury services. It's claimed that chefs are providing Ronaldo and his family exclusive in-room service due to his A-list status, offering a range of dishes, including lamb, chicken, sea bass, and beef cutlets.

In addition to delicious meals, Ronaldo had been offered an exclusive evening meal on the hotel's Sky Bridge. The Sky Bridge is one of Riyadh's most popular tourist destinations. Reports say that the area will be entirely taped off for him and his partner.

While the player has plenty of accommodations, Ronaldo won't be treating it like a holiday. Instead, he will be focused on maintaining his condition.

Before Ronaldo arrived in Saudi Arabia, fans were eager to show their support. During the Al-Nassr VS, Al-Khaleej clash, the Al-Nassr supporters were heard chanting Ronaldo and his iconic ‘Siuuu’ in unison during the seventh minute of the match. When he did arrive in Saudi Arabia, an official said, “He brought a big team of assistants and even a private security firm.”

Christiano Ronaldo Saudi Arabia
Christiano Ronaldo joining Saudi Arabia club

Ronaldo has made plenty of headlines in the previous year. From fans having negative reactions to the player and journalists asking for him, plenty of people have speculated about Ronaldo. Currently, there is no confirmation of when the Portuguese player will play in a match for Al-Nassr.


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