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Cricket Fun: Yogi Babu & MS Dhoni's 'LGM' Bond

Cricket Fun: Yogi Babu & MS Dhoni's 'LGM' Bond

Yogi Babu is a well-known comedian and actor, who has always been a passionate cricket fan. He shares his passion for the sport by playing cricket during his free time, even amidst his busy shooting schedules. In February, Yogi Babu excitedly announced that he had received a signed cricket bat as a gift from the renowned cricketer MS Dhoni.

During the audio launch of his upcoming movie 'LGM,' which is MS Dhoni's debut production venture, Yogi Babu shared the story behind how he acquired the bat and humorously expressed his desire to be hired by Dhoni for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) team. At the event, Yogi Babu revealed that when the director approached him for a role in the film, he initially declined due to scheduling conflicts. However, upon learning that MS Dhoni was producing the movie and the director promised him a bat signed by the cricketing legend, Yogi Babu couldn't resist accepting the offer. With a mischievous smile, he playfully asked Dhoni to consider hiring him as a player for CSK.

'LGM,' which stands for 'Let's Get Married,' is a delightful family entertainer directed by Ramesh Tamilmani. It holds the promise of being an entertaining and enjoyable experience for audiences. With a talented cast including Harish Kalyan, Ivana, Nadia, and Yogi Babu, along with the expertise of director Ramesh Tamilmani, the film is expected to captivate viewers with its blend of comedy and family-oriented storytelling. The musical score by Viswajith is poised to enhance the overall cinematic experience, providing a delightful treat for moviegoers.

Yogi Babu's lighthearted request to join the CSK team was met with Dhoni's playful response.

You're offering to play for CSK, huh? You must have heard the news of Rayudu's retirement, leaving a spot vacant. But remember, you're always busy with shoots, and playing consistently would be a challenge. Moreover, the bowlers in the league bowl at high speeds, with the intention to injure. We'll discuss this with the management.

His witty remark shed light on the challenges and expectations of playing in the Indian Premier League, underscoring the intensity and competitiveness of the sport. While it remains to be seen if Yogi Babu's request will come to fruition, his jovial banter with Dhoni added an extra layer of enjoyment to the event.

Receiving a signed bat from MS Dhoni, one of the most iconic cricketers of our time, was a remarkable moment for him. The fact that the bat was personally gifted by Dhoni added even more significance to the gesture. Yogi Babu's excitement and gratitude were palpable as he shared this anecdote during the audio launch, emphasizing the camaraderie and friendship that can develop between individuals from different fields, united by their shared love for cricket.

Yogi Babu's association with the film and the opportunity to receive a signed bat from MS Dhoni made the audio launch event truly memorable. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of 'LGM' as they cherish this heartwarming tale of friendship between a beloved comedian and a cricketing legend.

The Reason Behind Producing a Tamil Film

MS Dhoni has shown his deep affection for the city of Chennai by producing a film in the Tamil language. This decision goes beyond his association with the CSK team, which he has led to five trophies. Chennai holds a special place in Dhoni's heart due to significant milestones in his career that unfolded in the city. It was at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai where he made his Test debut and achieved his highest score on the ground. Furthermore, it was in Chennai that CSK first brought him on board in 2008.

During a recent event, Dhoni expressed his fondness for Chennai, shedding light on various aspects of his connection with the city. He humorously made a playful comparison between his CSK teammate, Deepak Chahar, and drugs. Additionally, Dhoni revealed an amusing anecdote about the power dynamics in his household, proclaiming that the boss at home is none other than his wife, Sakshi.

In an interesting twist, Dhoni addressed a viral video in which he was seen passionately expressing himself, including using some strong language towards his teammates during a match. When asked whether he taught any bad words to Sakshi, the 42-year-old clarified that while he is familiar with offensive words in other languages, he does not possess knowledge of Tamil expletives. However, he humorously pointed out that his wife has a grasp of a few such words.

Dhoni's foray into producing a Tamil film not only reflects his love for Chennai but also showcases his willingness to explore new avenues beyond cricket. As an icon in the sports world, his passion and commitment extend beyond the boundaries of the cricket pitch, making him a true symbol of inspiration for many.


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