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  • Shamser Khalid

Cricket Controversy: No Post-Series Drinks

Cricket Controversy: No Post-Series Drinks

In the aftermath of England's victory in the fifth and final Test at The Oval, accusations surfaced that Australian players were turned down by their English counterparts for a customary post-series drink.

Traditionally, after a hard-fought series, both sides come together to celebrate with friends, family, and support staff, fostering the spirit of cricket. However, a source close to the Australians claimed that the English had no interest in such camaraderie, prompting disappointment and labelling it "pretty pathetic."

Cricket journalist Bharat Sundaresan also shed light, saying that the Australian players had lingered for a considerable period, waiting to meet with their English counterparts after the match. Sundaresan noted that Steve Smith even peered into the English dressing room several times before giving up.

Responding to the controversy, Ben Stokes took to Twitter just after 4 am local time to clarify the situation. He asserted that their post-match wrap-up took longer than anticipated due to multiple events, leading them to meet in the nightclub instead of the dressing room. This clarification aligned with the version of events provided by the English team, debunking the accusations made by the Australian source.

Subsequently, the English camp clarified the lack of post-series drinks with the opposition. They explained that the wrap-up took longer due to the retirements of Stuart Broad and Moeen Ali and post-match presentations.

The Australians had inquired about getting together, as is customary and sportsmanlike, but allegedly did not receive a response, as the home team remained behind locked doors. The English team expressed surprise that the Australian players had left early, as they had intended to share drinks with them.

The series between England and Australia was filled with theatrical moments and controversies. In one instance, Australian players were abused in the usually genteel Lord's Long Room after an Alex Carey stumping. English players also faced criticism in the Australian press, being labeled as whingers and cry-babies for their reactions to a dismissal.

The events following the series were somewhat expected, as England coach Brendon McCullum had previously stated that he couldn't envision sharing a drink with the Australians after the series. McCullum emphasized the importance of upholding the spirit of the game, acknowledging that cricket possesses a unique spirit that sets it apart from other sports.

While the tradition of post-series drinks has been cherished, the recent incident has drawn attention to the importance of sportsmanship and camaraderie in cricket. Fans and pundits expressed disappointment at the alleged refusal, as sharing a drink after a series is regarded as a fundamental tradition, symbolizing respect and mutual appreciation for the contest. The controversy highlights the significance of maintaining the spirit of cricket in international matches and at all game levels.

The Ashes series may have concluded, but the debate surrounding the post-series drinks serves as a reminder that cricket is not just about the battles on the field but also the camaraderie and respect off the field.


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