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  • Nasima Akter

Praveen Kumar Survives Car Crash with His Son

Praveen Kumar Survives Car Crash with His Son

Former Indian pace bowler Praveen Kumar and his son recently had a harrowing experience when their SUV collided with a trailer truck in Meerut on a fateful Tuesday night. The incident brought back haunting memories of another cricketer, Rishabh Pant, who suffered a horrific car crash just a year ago. Fortunately, the 36-year-old Kumar, who represented India in six Tests, 68 ODIs, and 10 T20s, along with his son, managed to escape with their lives intact. In a candid interview with PTI, Kumar revealed the details of the nerve-wracking accident and expressed his gratitude for the miraculous escape.

Recalling the terrifying moment, Kumar stated, "It could have been a lot worse. By the grace of god we are okay and I am talking to you. I had gone to drop my nephew, but a massive truck hit my car from behind around 9:30 pm. Thank God it was a big car; else there could have been serious injuries." The former cricketer, who resides in Meerut with his family, further added, "I initially thought just the bumper would be broken, but the car is badly damaged."

The incident drew parallels with the heart-stopping car crash involving Rishabh Pant in June of the previous year. Pant, the swashbuckling wicketkeeper-batsman, had experienced a miraculous escape when he dozed off at the wheel on the Delhi-Dehradun highway. His luxury car had crashed into the road divider and caught fire, leaving him with severe injuries. The young cricketer has been undergoing rehabilitation since then, with the support of medical experts and well-wishers.

Praveen Kumar, a skillful bowler known for his exceptional ability to swing the ball massively, had a roller coaster international career that lasted merely five years. Despite displaying great promise in his performances, injuries and fluctuations in form hampered his progression. Nonetheless, his impact on the Indian cricketing fraternity was undeniable, and he remains a respected figure in the sport.

In 2020, the talented bowler opened up about his battle with depression, shedding light on the mental health challenges faced by athletes in the competitive world of sports. However, Kumar bravely fought through those dark times and emerged stronger, highlighting the importance of mental well-being among athletes.

Recently, Kumar made an appearance at a promotional event in the national capital, where the flamboyant West Indies star, Chris Gayle, was also present. This event not only showcased his enduring popularity but also revealed his desire to remain connected to the game he loves. Although he is not currently involved in any coaching endeavors, Kumar has expressed his eagerness to give back to the cricketing community in some capacity in the future.

Away from the cricketing arena, Praveen Kumar has successfully established himself as an entrepreneur. He runs a real estate business and a restaurant in his hometown, demonstrating his entrepreneurial acumen beyond his exploits on the cricket field. Balancing his professional commitments with his passion for cricket, Kumar has shown admirable versatility and determination.

Despite facing the perils of a life-threatening accident, Praveen Kumar's positive outlook and resilient spirit have allowed him to count his blessings. Grateful for their safety, he cherishes the time spent with his family and continues to cherish the game that has given him so much. His journey, marked by ups and downs, serves as an inspiration to aspiring cricketers and fans alike.


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