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  • Nasima Akter

Chaos Among Fans and Qatar Riot Police Occur at a World Cup Stadium

Chaos unfolded before the knockout round match between Spain and Morocco as Qatari riot police were shown roughly dealing with football supporters near Al Rayyan's Education City Stadium.

There are several clips circulating depicting the chaos of the night. One shocking clip showed police in riot gear pushing and shoving fans - crushing them against a chain link fence. Another clip depicted screaming and shouting fans of both teams, plus neutral supporters being funnelled down a narrow pathway between two chain link fences while Qatari riot cops block one end.

While many clips showed a rather frightening event, it did not spark out of nowhere. According to one security officer, the funnelling of the crowd occurred because fans trying to enter did not have tickets. But many supporters caught up in the commotion shouted to officers that they did have tickets. - sponsored ad

This is not the first time crowds had to be funnelled to a stadium and fans nearly got crushed. Back in May, before the Champions League Final between Liverpool and Real Madrid in Paris, a crisis was narrowly avoided when fans were funnelled through an unsuitable approach to the Stade de France.

By the time the game started, the situation calmed down, and some fans ended up watching the game on their phones while others asked for tickets while standing outside the stadium.

Reuters contacted the committee responsible for World Cup security at the Qatari ministry of interior for comment, but there was no immediate response.


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