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  • Shamser Khalid

Brazilian Striker Adriano Divorces After a 24-Day Marriage

After only 24 days of marriage, former Brazil star Adriano Ribeiro faces a divorce from his wife Micaela Mesquita. The reason for the split is that the 40-year-old "disappeared for two days to watch the World Cup."

It was reported that Adriano drove to Vila Cruzeiro, a district of Rio de Janeiro, to meet up with his friends to watch Brazil play Switzerland. The former football star had, apparently, spent two days in Vila Cruzeiro, where he grew up, before returning home to Mesquita.

This resulted in Mesquita and Adriano arguing about his whereabouts during that period and ultimately splitting up. In the aftermath of the split, the two cancelled a pre-arranged celebration with their family and friends over the weekend.

While the split was shocking, this was not the first time it happened. The pair have split up and reunited five times before. So far, Mesquita has deleted all of her Instagram photos with Adriano. - sponsored ad

Adriano retired in 2016 after falling out of love with the game following his father’s death. During his career, he scored 27 goals in 48 games for Brazil. He also spent several years at Inter Milan and won four Serie A titles with the Italian giants.

Adriano and Mesquita had initially planned to get married on November 30. They instead moved the wedding forward and shared pictures of themselves signing official papers on Instagram.


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