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  • Shamser Khalid

Brazil Press Officer Tosses a Cat Out in Vinicius Jr's Press Conference

An unexpected feline visitor decided to crash Vinicius Jr's press conference only to be tossed out by a Brazil press officer.

When the Real Madrid forward was in the midst of responding to journalists, a cat jumped onto the table and wandered to an unnamed official who was seated next to the player. A video clip of the press conference showed what appeared to be the official scratching the cat’s head before grabbing it and throwing it off the table.

This shocked the journalists, but the team official simply shrugged them off before asking for the next question to the amusement of Vinicius Jr. A photo from the conference showed that the cat was fine and simply settled by the table. - sponsored ad

The rest of the press conference went off without a hitch. Vinicius Jr was quizzed about the impact both Real boss Carlo Ancelotti and Brazil manager Tite have had on him as a player.

He said, “I talked with Ancelotti and he gave me a lot of advice to help me become a starter with Brazil” and “I have been improving a lot and Ancelotti has helped me with that. He and Tite are very similar and they talk to each other a lot.”

Vinícius Júnior and his team will be playing the first World Cup 2022 quarter-finals match on Friday. They will be going against Croatia for a chance at the semi-finals.


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