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  • Shamser Khalid

Brazil Go To The World Cup As The Top Ranked FIFA Team

In the latest rankings list released by FIFA on Thursday, Brazil takes the top spot with Belgium ranked second. Out of the different teams that took part in previous World Cups, Brazil is the only team to have competed in every World Cup finals. With their qualification into this year’s World Cup, many are anticipating a sixth win for the team.

Following Brazil and Belgium on the ranking are Argentina and France. Both teams are also highly fancied to win the World Cup. Other teams in the top 10 ranking are Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, England and Spain.

The one team in the Top 10 that didn't make the World Cup is Italy who are 6th in the rankings, they sadly lost in their playoff semifinals.

Rankings may say a lot about the different teams taking part of the World Cup. But will their rankings reflect on how well they will do in the tournament? Time will only tell as the start of World Cup looms on November 20.


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