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  • Nasima Akter

Bidya Sinha Mim’s Return to Films Through “Antarjal”

Bidya Sinha Mim’s Return to Films Through “Antarjal”

The renowned Dhallywood actress, Bidya Sinha Mim, is set to make her much-anticipated return to the silver screen this year with the film "Antarjal," which is scheduled to be released tomorrow.

Bidya Sinha Mim, the actress known for her role in "Amar Ache Jol," emphasized the significance of "Antarjal" as the first cyber thriller film in the country. She mentioned that the film was produced with a great deal of care and affection, highlighting its unique genre in Bangladeshi cinema.

Bidya Sinha Mim expressed her happiness about returning to the big screen after nearly a year, stating, "It is always a joyful feeling for me. As an actor, one simply has to wait until the release of their movie. I have been waiting too, so I am extremely glad that I get to return with a new film." She conveyed her excitement about sharing her work with the audience once again.

Bidya Sinha Mim expressed confidence in the film "Antarjal," stating, "Everyone will like 'Antarjal.' Recently, the song 'Welcome to Antarjal' was released, and we have been receiving a lot of appreciation for it." She is enthusiastic about the film's release and intends to visit various cinemas to interact with moviegoers, hoping to engage in discussions about the film.

Mim emphasized the significance of the audience's love and support, saying, "I will go to the theater to see the manifestation of their love." She clearly values the connection and feedback from her fans and viewers.

When discussing the character she portrays in "Antarjal," the Dhallywood actress explained, "I make an effort to fully immerse myself in whatever character I choose to portray. My character in 'Antarjal' is distinct, and I genuinely appreciate the role. I approached it with sincerity and dedication." Bidya Sinha Mim highlighted her commitment to delivering a convincing performance in her unique role within the film.

"Antarjal" is set to make its debut in a significant number of theaters in both Canada and America on the same day as its official release in Bangladesh. In response to this, Bidya Sinha Mim expressed her hope that the film will achieve a noteworthy record abroad. The widespread release of the film in international markets reflects the anticipation and interest surrounding "Antarjal."

Bidya Sinha Mim acknowledged the significance of "Antarjal" making its way to the international market, considering it a substantial development for Bangladeshi cinema. She expressed her gratitude and connection with her fans, stating, "I act for them. I have always progressed with their love, and I hope for everyone's love and support for 'Antarjal'." Mim's appreciation for her fans and her aspirations for the film's success demonstrate her commitment to her craft and her audience.

Bidya Sinha Mim had a successful year in the film industry the previous year with the release of "Poran" and "Damal," both directed by Raihan Rafi. "Poran" emerged as a massive hit, elevating Mim's status as a highly-discussed figure in the industry. In addition to "Poran," she received significant acclaim for her role in "Damal," a film centered around the Liberation War, garnering appreciation for her performance in a story of historical significance.


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