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Beyoncé In Saree Gown by Gaurav Gupta for Renaissance Tour

Beyoncé In Saree Gown by Gaurav Gupta for Renaissance Tour

Beyoncé chose to wear a design by Gaurav Gupta once again during a performance for her Renaissance World Tour. This time, she donned a saree gown in a vibrant neon green color.

Beyoncé brought joy to her South Asian admirers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide when she graced the stage for her Renaissance World Tour show, clad in yet another masterpiece by Indian designer Gaurav Gupta. The global icon added her own flair to traditional Indian attire by donning a saree gown from Gupta's latest collection showcased at the Hiranyagarbha Paris Couture Week Autumn Winter 23/24.

This unique blend of high fashion and cultural heritage delighted Beyoncé's devoted followers, who eagerly flooded the comments section to express their admiration. Take a glimpse at the captivating snapshots below.

Renowned Indian couturier Gaurav Gupta took to social media to proudly share snapshots of Beyoncé gracing the stage in his striking neon green saree gown during her ongoing Renaissance World Tour concert. In his post, Gupta humorously quipped, "Looking this fabulous should be worth a fortune. The fusion of couture and Renaissance."

Queen Bey herself joined in the fashion parade, sharing her mesmerizing appearance in the designer's ensemble on her own Instagram account. The saree gown, accentuated with an elegant cape, elegantly displays Gupta's signature style with its intricate swirl patterns and gracefully flowing contours.

About the Gown

Beyoncé's eye-catching neon green saree gown boasts an asymmetrical one-shoulder neckline. The distinctive design showcases intricate swirl patterns that elegantly trace her entire torso. Thoughtfully placed cut-out elements reveal her décolletage and waist, adding a touch of allure.

The skirt cascades gracefully with a flowing, floor-reaching hem and features a bold front thigh-slit for added flair. Adding to its dramatic allure, the gown includes a cape-like structure at the back, crowned with a hood that envelopes her head. A sweeping train gracefully completes the ensemble, adding an extra touch of grandeur to her stage presence.

Complementing the neon green saree gown, Beyoncé paired it with sheer criss-cross mesh stockings that added a touch of edginess. Her look was further elevated with sparkling gold body glitter, capturing the light exquisitely. Adding a bold statement, she adorned her wrist with a striking silver bracelet, and her fingers sparkled with diamond rings. The stage-worthy ensemble was accentuated by intricately embellished diamond ear cuffs that adorned her ears.

To complete the package, Beyoncé opted for strappy neon green high heels, tying the vibrant color scheme together. Her hairstyle featured centre-parted, flowing wavy locks, exuding an effortlessly elegant vibe. For her makeup, she embraced shimmering green eye shadow that harmonized with her outfit. Her eyes were accentuated with defined kohl-lined outlines and voluminous mascara-coated lashes. Her brows were gracefully feathered, contributing to her overall polished look.

The finishing touches were no less exquisite. Beyoncé's lips boasted a neutral hue, enhancing her natural beauty, while her skin radiated a dewy glow with a touch of rosy blush. The combination of these elements resulted in a glamorous presentation that captivated the audience.


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