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  • Shamser Khalid

Beckham and Messi's Bromance Reaches New Heights

Beckham and Messi's Bromance Reaches New Heights

Lionel Messi's recent move to Inter Miami has not only seen him perform brilliantly on the soccer field but has also forged a close friendship with the team's owner, David Beckham. Beckham and Messi’s bromance reached new heights because one interesting aspect of their budding friendship is their shared love for mate tea, a traditional South American drink made from the Yerba mate plant.

Mate tea is renowned for its numerous health benefits. Loaded with antioxidants, it aids in cutting body fat and provides a caffeine boost equivalent to coffee. For sportsmen like Messi, the drink is believed to reduce fatigue and improve muscle contractions, making it a favorite beverage during games and training sessions.

Beckham, eager to embrace Messi's preferred drink, recently shared a picture on his Instagram sipping mate tea through a bombilla, a metal straw traditionally used to drink mate. In a playful tone, Beckham wrote, 'If it's good enough for Leo,' indicating his willingness to adopt his friend's drinking habits.

However, in a humorous twist, Messi seemed to disapprove of the brand of mate tea Beckham was consuming. On his Instagram story, Messi playfully stated, 'I'm going to make you drink some good mate,' teasing Beckham for his choice.

For Messi, mate tea has been an integral part of his routine throughout his illustrious career. Often seen arriving at games with a mate tea gourd in hand, he has embraced the drink for both its cultural significance and its health benefits. Given its positive effects, Messi could consider introducing the tea to his Miami teammates, further strengthening their camaraderie on and off the field.

The Argentinean superstar's transition to Inter Miami has been nothing short of spectacular. In his first two games, he showcased his brilliance by scoring three goals, leading the team to victories against Cruz Azul and Atlanta in the Leagues Cup. The Miami fans turned out in full force, with 20,000 attending the glitzy opening ceremony at the DRV PNK stadium to welcome Messi to the club.

Another heartwarming moment during one of the matches highlighted the growing bromance between Messi and Beckham. After scoring the opening goal in a 4-0 win over Atlanta United, Messi celebrated with his teammates before directing a gesture towards Beckham in the stands. The gesture, which fans have dubbed the 'hold my beer' celebration, saw the two friends sharing a special, jovial moment.

Beckham's admiration and respect for Messi have been evident since the signing was announced. On social media, Beckham called Messi 'a friend' and 'an amazing person,' expressing his pride in having a player of Messi's caliber join Inter Miami. The team's president also extended a warm welcome to Messi's family, further solidifying the sense of community within the club.

“Today that dream came true. I couldn't be prouder that a player of Leo's caliber is joining our club but I'm also delighted to welcome a friend, an amazing person and his beautiful family to join our Inter Miami CF community,” Beckham stated.


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