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  • Nasima Akter

BCB To Do Everything for Tamim, Says Papon

BCB To Do Everything for Tamim, Says Papon

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president, Nazmul Hassan Papon, expressed his commitment to supporting Tamim Iqbal in his journey towards a full recovery from injury every step of the way. Speaking at a press conference held at a hotel in the capital city, Papon stated that the board has been providing all the necessary assistance to Tamim for the past two years, both at home and abroad, in accordance with his specific requirements. Basically, BCB is ready to do everything for Tamim.

"We have been doing everything for him in the last two years as per his requirements -- whether it's at home or abroad. Now he is saying, [the] doctor advised him that either he has to take [an] injection or go under the knife. Fine, we will do whatever he wants," Papon told the reporters.

"We are ready to do everything for his full recovery, there is no doubt about it," he added.

Currently, Tamim Iqbal, the captain of Bangladesh's One Day International (ODI) team, is enjoying a vacation with his family in Dubai. However, he recently spoke to two local media outlets and raised concerns about the fitness drills he was prescribed, indicating that they may not have adequately considered his previous injury issues.

"The injury resurfaced recently when I was working in the gym. Now the question should be whether the exercise I was doing in the gym was right or wrong. Why was I given an exercise which I should not be doing?" Tamim questioned.

In response to Tamim's statement, President Papon was cautious not to speculate on the matter, stating that he was unaware of the specific circumstances under which Tamim made those remarks. Nevertheless, Papon reiterated the board's dedication to Tamim's well-being and emphasized that they are prepared to go to great lengths to ensure his full recovery.

The BCB president also took the opportunity to reaffirm Tamim Iqbal's position as the captain for the upcoming World Cup, showcasing the board's faith in his leadership abilities. However, when questioned about Tamim's return to the national side, Papon remained cautious and non-committal.

"Liton [Das] captained the team in the absence of Tamim in the last two matches [against Afghanistan]. Now if Tamim comes back, then he will lead the team, and if not, then someone else will lead the team. We are not sure about his return, or which match he will be able to play and when he will be able to play. I cannot make any comments without any knowledge [about Tamim's return]. But we want him to return as soon as possible with full recovery," he clarified.

The uncertainty surrounding Tamim's return has left fans and cricket enthusiasts anxiously awaiting further updates. The left-handed opening batsman has been an essential pillar of the Bangladesh cricket team, and his presence on the field has been sorely missed during his absence due to injury.

Despite the uncertainty, one thing remains clear - the Bangladesh Cricket Board's determination to stand by their star player and provide him with the best possible support and medical care. The board's commitment to Tamim's recovery underscores their dedication to the well-being of their players and their willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure that they are fit and ready to represent the nation on the international stage.


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