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Barcelona Shirt Will Feature Album Logo for Clásico

Barcelona Shirt Will Feature Album Logo for Clásico JW7Today
Barcelona Shirt Will Feature Album Logo for Clásico

FC Barcelona and Spotify have teamed up once again to celebrate musical creativity. This time, the club's jersey will bear the logo of ROSALÍA's latest album, MOTOMAMI, during the Clásico at Spotify Camp Nou on March 19, while the women's team will do the same on March 25.

This collaboration between the world's most popular audio streaming service and the iconic football club aims to offer new and innovative experiences to football fans while using music to reach new audiences.

Furthermore, it offers a global platform for artists to create new opportunities for connection with their fans worldwide.

The Artist Behind the Collaboration

ROSALÍA was chosen for this collaboration because of the first anniversary of her critically acclaimed album, MOTOMAMI. The album, which was named Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album at the 65th Grammy Awards, features several hits, including 'Bizcochito', which has become an anthem for the younger generation and has been played several hundred million times on Spotify.

ROSALÍA was also the top streamed born-in-Spanish-territory artist worldwide on Spotify in 2022, with an increase in plays of her songs by 110% year over year.

What Else to Know About the Collaboration

To mark this collaboration, FC Barcelona and Spotify have created two limited-edition collections. The first collection features just 1899 units with the MOTOMAMI logo on the front, ROSALÍA's name on the back

, and the number 1 to honour the album's first anniversary. These garments will cost €399.99 and will be available in men's and women's versions.

The second option is an exclusive glow-in-the-dark shirt, with only 22 units available for sale (11 for men and 11 for women). The unique feature of these shirts is the glow-in-the-dark lettering, and each shirt is numbered from 1 to 11 and signed by the players who start the respective Clásico matches. Each shirt will cost €1,999.99 and will be available only through the club's e-commerce service.

This collaboration is part of FC Barcelona's strategic goal of proactively sourcing partners that share its values and philosophy, while maintaining its world-leading position on and off the field.

Statements on the Collaboration

Juli Guiu, Vice-President of the Marketing Area for FC Barcelona, said, "Music and football form a special partnership with a long future ahead of them, and we are happy to add another chapter to the story alongside the world's most popular music streaming platform, Spotify."

Marc Hazan, Spotify VP Partnerships, added, "We’re honored to give up our space on the FC Barcelona shirt to celebrate ROSALÍA - the most streamed Spanish artist on Spotify in 2022. It’s a chance to continue the celebration of our unique partnership with FC Barcelona and continue to bring the worlds of football and music together."

Previous Related Collaborations

It is not the first time entertainment and football have come together in the name of promotion.

From Atletico Madrid promoting Hollywood blockbusters on their shirts, to The Rolling Stones creating a line of Paris Saint-Germain merchandise, and even Bob Marley being honored by teams such as Ajax and Bohemians - there's been many collaborations between entertainment and football over the years.

In conclusion, the collaboration between FC Barcelona and Spotify to celebrate ROSALÍA's music is an innovative way to bring football and music fans together.

The limited edition collections are a must-have for fans who want to treasure this collaboration forever.


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