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  • Shamser Khalid

Bangladesh Celebrity Cricket League Squad Announced

Bangladesh Celebrity Cricket League Squad Announced

The convergence of glamour and cricketing prowess is on the horizon as the stars of Bangladesh's entertainment realm prepare to illuminate the cricket field. The much-anticipated "Celebrity Cricket League" (CCL) is set to sweep through the indoor stadium of the capital, Mirpur, over an electrifying three-day period from September 26 to September 28. This star-studded cricket league promises an unprecedented blend of sporting excellence and entertainment.

G Next Generation, the event's organizers, have assembled eight teams, each comprised of 10 to 15 players from the world of showbiz. Adding a unique dimension to the competition, these teams feature a mix of both male and female celebrities, intensifying the intrigue and excitement surrounding the matches.

Adding to the thrill of the matches, the winning team stands to claim a grand prize of more than TK 1 lakh, along with the prestigious championship trophy.

The Teams

Leading the charge for these celebrity-studded teams are eight esteemed producers: Gias Uddin Selim, Salahuddin Lavlu, Shihab Shaheen, Chayanika Chowdhury, Dipankar Dipon, Shokal Ahmed, Mostafa Kamal Raz, and Raihan Rafi.

The team rosters consists of popular artists in Bangladesh's entertainment industry. Gias Uddin Selim's team boasts Shamol Mawla and Moushumi Hamid. Salahuddin Lavlu's lineup features celebrated names such as Chanchal Chowdhury, Shahnaz Khushi, Bappy Chowdhury, Niloy Alamgir, Dibya Jyoti, Shommo Jyoti, and producer Tuhin Hossain, among others.

Producer Shihab Shaheen's ensemble includes Arifin Shuvoo, Mithila, and Safa Kabir. Chayanika Chowdhury's contingent is set to shine with the presence of Porimani and Tama Mirza.

Chayanika Chowdhury chimed in, saying, "Being able to represent your own team in such an event is truly incredible. This cricket tournament will feature eight teams, each with beloved stars. I hope this three-day match becomes a festival for everyone to cherish."

Dipankar Dipon's team boasts ABM Suman, Sunerah Binte Kamal, and Ziaul Roshan among its ranks. Dipankar Dipon shared his excitement for the event, stating, "The CCL is a fantastic event, and our participation is fueled by our passion for cricket. Beyond this, our national cricket team will participate in future World Cups, and we are organising this event to show our support and encouragement. I believe the entire event will be thoroughly enjoyable."

Mostafa Kamal Raz's squad features the dynamic duo of Sariful Razz and Mehazabien, and Raihan Rafi's lineup includes the ever-popular Afran Nisho and the promising Siam Ahmed.

Producer Salahuddin Lavlu, brimming with enthusiasm for the cricket league, stressed the importance of emotional support for the national cricket team. He expressed a moment of immense pride as Bangladesh gears up for the Cricket World Cup. He added, “Our efforts with the Celebrity Cricket League are aimed at boosting the spirits of our national cricket team."

In August, a magical evening unfolded as celebrities from all corners gathered for an ice-breaking get-together ahead of the Celebrity Cricket League at Le Meridien. Directors, rising stars, and established names came together to demonstrate their unwavering enthusiasm for the upcoming sporting spectacle. Pori Moni captured the essence of the event, sharing pictures that showcased a galaxy of popular faces united in their excitement.


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