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  • Nasima Akter

Australia Sends "England Bitter" Beer Amid Bairstow Issue

Australia Sends "England Bitter" Beer Amid Bairstow Issue

The third Test of the highly anticipated Ashes series is about to kick off, and tensions are running high between the Australian and English cricket teams. In a lighthearted attempt to diffuse the tension and add some humor to the situation, Australian brewing giant Carlton United Breweries has announced the release of a limited edition beer called "England Bitter."

The idea behind this marketing ploy stems from the controversial dismissal of England wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow during the second Test at Lord's. Bairstow was given out stumped by Alex Carey, which he believed occurred during a break in play. The decision resulted in a wave of boos and abusive chants from the English fans, as well as some members of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) at the usually serene Lord's ground.

Reacting to the incident, England coach Brendon McCullum hinted that his players might not be inclined to share a beer with their Australian counterparts after the match. Sensing an opportunity to inject some light-heartedness into the situation, Carlton United Breweries decided to create the England Bitter beer.

Marc Lord, the marketing manager for Victoria Bitter (VB), expressed the intention behind the limited edition beer: "We know the English are bitter about the Lord's Test, but when they're feeling less bitter, we've got a beer to shout them... our fresh new England Bitter." The beer, branded with the name "England Bitter," will be sent in a few slabs (cases) to the English cricket team, providing them with a chance to unwind and enjoy a drink once they have cooled off from the recent controversy.

Even the Prime Ministers of Australia and the United Kingdom couldn't resist getting involved in the banter. Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese commented on the situation, reigniting a verbal duel with his British counterpart Rishi Sunak. Albanese responded to Sunak's disappointment over the controversial dismissal, saying that the British leader had let his emotions get the better of him.

Albanese also took the opportunity to highlight a past incident involving Bairstow, where he stumped an opponent in a similar fashion during a 2014 English County Championship match. The Australian Prime Minister referred to the footage, showcasing Bairstow's previous actions and suggesting that there was some hypocrisy in the current criticism.

With tensions running high in the Ashes series, Carlton United Breweries' introduction of the England Bitter beer adds a touch of humor to the intense rivalry between the two cricketing nations. While the beer itself may not resolve the on-field disputes, it serves as a reminder that sport can also be a source of entertainment and light-heartedness.

As the third Test gets underway, cricket fans will eagerly await the response of the English cricketers to this unique offering from their Australian counterparts. Whether it leads to a moment of camaraderie or simply adds to the ongoing banter, the England Bitter beer is a light-hearted gesture that adds an extra dimension to the storied Ashes series.


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