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  • Nasima Akter

Artist Created a Shadow Portrait of Virat Kohli

Artist Created a Shadow Portrait of Virat Kohli

In today's digital age, where digital art dominates, one artist stands out with a fresh and unconventional approach. Meet Shintu Mourya, a talented artist whose captivating shadow portrait of Virat Kohli has taken the world by storm. What's more impressive is the material he used: matchboxes and wooden sticks. A viral video showcasing his artistic process has left viewers amazed, and it's easy to understand why.

Shintu Mourya shared the video on his Instagram, inviting viewers to guess who the portrait represents. The video shows his meticulous craftsmanship over three days, carefully assembling matchboxes and delicate wooden sticks with a glue gun. Once completed, he ingeniously places the sculpture in front of a powerful light source, revealing a striking shadow that remarkably resembles Virat Kohli's face.

Originally posted on June 9, the video has become an online sensation, garnering a staggering 12.5 million views and over 1.6 million likes. People from all around the world have expressed their awe and admiration in the comments, praising the artist's extraordinary talent.

Mourya's ability to turn ordinary matchboxes and wooden sticks into a captivating work of art showcases the power of creativity and ingenuity. In a world where digital art often takes the spotlight, his unique approach reminds us of the limitless possibilities that lie within traditional methods.

As Shintu Mourya's shadow portrait of Virat Kohli continues to captivate online audiences, it serves as an inspiring testament to the timeless allure of artistry and innovation. In a world of ever-evolving technologies, his art reminds us that beauty can be found in unexpected places, waiting to be unveiled by imaginative minds and skillful hands.

Similarly, another artist named Vignesh made a name for himself in May of the same year with his imaginative and creative ideas. The Indian Artists Club shared a video of Vignesh using a magnifying lens to burn Virat Kohli's image into a wooden board while maintaining a distance from the surface. The caption read, "Virat 'Art' from sunlight." In the video, Vignesh showcased his art by burning the wood's surface using the focused power of sunlight through a magnifying glass.

Vignesh shared that he discovered this unique art form in 2019 when he was confined to bed due to a medical condition. Inspired by a popular sunlight artist from the United States, he decided to try it himself. Armed with a magnifying glass and a piece of wood, he ventured out into the sun to create art by burning intricate designs onto the wooden surface using the concentrated sunlight.

Vignesh's use of sunlight as a carving tool added a novel dimension to the world of artistic expression, leaving viewers in awe of his talent and creativity.

Both Shintu Mourya and Vignesh's artistic endeavors remind us that creativity knows no bounds. Whether it's transforming matchboxes and wooden sticks or using sunlight as a carving tool, these artists show that imagination and skill can lead to breathtaking masterpieces that touch hearts and inspire minds. In a fast-paced digital world, their work serves as a beautiful reminder of the magic that lies in traditional and innovative art forms alike.


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