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Arsenal Victory Photo Causes Questions

Arsenal Victory Photo Causes Questions JW7Today
Arsenal Victory Photo Causes Questions

The Gunners have struck again, and this time they did it with style! Arsenal's stars posed with a giant clock in the dressing room at Craven Cottage following their victory over Fulham.

The clock, a replica of the iconic one that graced Highbury, stood tall as the team celebrated their 3-0 victory, with the hands signaling 11 and 2.

The image was quickly shared on social media, and fans were quick to speculate on its meaning.

Many suggested that the hands of the clock at 11 and 2 represent the fact that Arsenal has eleven games left to play in their pursuit of the title.

One fan even commented that there are two months left in the season, indicating that the title race is far from over. Others were optimistic that Arsenal could win the Premier League and another trophy.

Why a Clock?

It's been a long time since the Gunners lifted the Premier League trophy, with their last triumph coming back in 2004. But this season, Arsenal seems to have a new lease on life. With five consecutive league victories, the North London club is back in the driving seat, leading Manchester City by five points.

The clock has a rich history with the club, having been a fixture at Highbury for over 70 years before being installed at Emirates Stadium in 2010. Arsenal will need to maintain their form over the remaining fixtures to secure the title, but the clock is a reassuring symbol of the team's progress

Other Celebrations After the Match

In addition to the group shot of the team, there were other celebrations over the victory shared on social media. One of them was Ukranian defender Oleksandr Zinchenko being caught singing along to the "We've got Super Mik Arteta" chant.

The moment was shared on the club on social media and featured Zinchenko singing along with the fans.

Zinchenko had a great game as Arsenal moved five points clear of Manchester City again at the top of the table. First-half goals from Gabriel, Gabriel Martinelli, and Martin Odegaard, all assisted by Leandro Trossard, sealed the deal for the Gunners.

After the game, Zinchenko commented on the win, saying: "I think our first-half performance was quite good. We controlled almost everything on and off the ball. It's a very important three points, a clean sheet. A perfect day for Gooners. Let's keep going."

The Aftermath of the Match

But the Gunners won't be resting on their laurels yet. There are eleven matches left to play.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has been quick to emphasize the importance of taking things one game at a time, and it's a mantra that seems to be paying dividends for the team.

The latest victory against Fulham sees the Gunners back on top of the Premier League table, with a five-point lead over second-placed Manchester City.

The victory over Fulham was another step forward for Arsenal, and the clock is ticking. It's now a matter of time until we find out if the Gunners can finally end their title drought.

Arsenal faces Sporting CP in the second leg of their Europa League tie at the Emirates Stadium on Thursday night before they take on Crystal Palace in the Premier League next Sunday.


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