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  • Shamser Khalid

Argentinian Fan Could Be Jailed for Stripping Top

The Lusail Stadium was in pandemonium as fans celebrated Argentina’s win against France. Among the many supporters cheering for the team, one female fan faces backlash and possible jail time for stripping her top amid the excitement.

The incident occurred after Gonzalo Montiel scored the match-winning kick against France. When the cameras had turned to the cheering fans, a blonde fan was caught going topless in the excitement.

Before the start of the World Cup, fans were warned that they would be required to respect Qatar's strict, conservative customs. There were many reports on how the Middle East nation refused to bend its laws on the LGBTQ community, public displays of affection and even alcohol.

Qatari rules dictate that women should always keep their shoulders and knees protected. If the authorities decide to punish the female fan for her stripping, then she faces, at best, some fines or, at worst, jail time. At this time, the fan has not been identified, nor has there been any reported response to the incident.


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